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by Emily March

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Jack isn’t back. This isn’t Jack!

After all, this man was bigger than Jack. He out-weighed Jack by ten or fifteen pounds. Ten or fifteen pounds of muscle. Jack’s shoulders weren’t that broad. He’d never been fat, but he hadn’t had a six-pack like this guy did, something she couldn’t help but notice when his shirt rode up as he dumped her into the airplane’s seat.

She chugged back a gulp of water as if it were whiskey. The real Jack had walked out on her four years ago and she hadn’t heard a word from him since. For all she knew, the real Jack Davenport could be dead. He could be living in Timbuktu. She’d never tried to find him after the divorce was final. She might be an investigator by profession, but Jack Davenport was one individual she left alone. Been there, done that, got the broken heart.

This man wasn’t Jack. He was an impostor. This man was Jack Davenport’s doppelgänger.

And you are certifiable. Get a grip, Blackburn. Now is no time to be writing fiction.

She recognized his walk. She recognized his scent. She recognized his voice and his thick black hair and his strong jaw and the tiny little crook in his blade of a nose where he got hit with an elbow during a basketball game at her parents’ house. She recognized his striking blue eyes.

Jack Davenport is back.

“No,” she said, and it came out in a little moan. As the cockpit door opened, she softly added, “Oh, heaven help me.”

“Sure, Celeste, put me down for as much as you need,” her ex-husband said into a cell phone as he stepped into the main cabin. “It’s a good cause.”

No matter how much she’d like to pretend otherwise, he was Jack Davenport. No one else on earth had eyes like his, the crisp blue like a gas flame that, once upon a time, had burned with passion for her. Now when they settled on her, they were cold as ice.

“Sure,” he said into the phone. “I will. Absolutely. All right. Good-bye, Celeste.”

By the time he ended the call, Cat had decided that going on offense was her best defense. “What is this all about, Jack? I don’t hear a word from you in over four years, and then you show up out of the blue one day, drug me, and abduct me? Why in the world would you do this?”

He looked hard. He looked formidable. He looked dangerous. She wasn’t afraid of him physically, but emotionally, he scared her to death.