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by Anne Mallory

Genre: England, Historical Romance

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“What exactly is your business, Roman?”
“My business is complicated and boring.” He tilted his head, a smile curling. “No, I withdraw that. My business is complicated and far too exciting for a delicate lady’s ears. You will likely faint before I utter the first words of an explanation.”
“It is a good thing that my ears are sturdy then, and that I’ve never fainted before,” said Charlotte.
“There is always a first. At least you are on the bed. You would fall so prettily upon your back. Lips parted, in complete surrender.”
The reminder of their position was unnecessary, but still brought color to her cheeks.
“See. There. I detect the beginnings of a faint already.”
“More likely you detect the stirrings of my temper.”
“Really? I bet you look quite lovely in a fit. Cheeks all ablaze in passion.”
“I thought you were uninterested in beauty.”
He smiled slowly. “What I’m interested in is you.” He leaned forward and one finger touched her chin. “I’m going to possess you, Charlotte.”