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by Stefanie Sloane

Genre: England, Historical Romance

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“I do not want to fight with you anymore.”

Nicholas closed his eyes. “But you’ve given me no choice.”

Sophia stared at him, noting the angular cheek- bones so much like Langdon’s, and yet his sun-kissed skin was so very different from his brother’s.

The undeniable sense that she was seeing him for the very first time returned. When she’d informed Lettie that he was no longer the Nicholas she’d known she’d felt confused. Now she was curious. And dangerously so.

He opened his eyes, his gaze unreadable.

“There never was a choice,” Sophia finally whispered, captivated by the minute gold flecks within the sea of umber of his irises. His thick black lashes half lowered and she felt the force of his gaze as he stared at her mouth for one long, torturous moment. When his glance lifted to meet hers again, the heat in his eyes seared her sensitive skin.

But then he blinked and it was gone.