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by Melissa Schroeder

Genre: E-book, Historical Romance

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When he tore his mouth away, she opened her mouth to protest, but it ended on a moan as he set his mouth to the column of her neck. As he kissed his way down, she felt the nip of his teeth, the flat of his tongue against her pulse. But he did not stop there. He leaned her back as he continued his way down until he replaced his hand with his mouth.

Shocked and more than a little embarrassed, she pressed her hands against his shoulders but soon found herself slipping her fingers through his hair and urging him on. He moved his tongue over the tip of her nipple, the scrape of his teeth…

She needed to stop this before both of them regretted it. In the next instant, she shivered as he sucked the entire nipple into his mouth.


He lifted his head and looked at her. The heat in his eyes sent a shiver of panic through her. It was too much, almost too overwhelming. 

“Say it.” His tone dripped with desire.

She shifted on his lap as her most secret of places dampened, throbbed.

“Say what?”

“My name, say it again. Just like you did.”

She drew in a deep breath. “Danny.”

His eyes grew more intense, the rigid lines in his face more distinct.

He practically growled as he pulled down the rest of her top and bared her other breast. Without preamble, he set about driving her mad in the same manner. Warmth rolled through her, over her nerve endings.

Everything that had gathered in her stomach tightened, then dropped between her legs. The pressure caused her to shift again on his lap. This time she felt his hardened manhood against her hip. She stilled as he groaned. Embarrassed, she felt another kind of heat fill her face.

“Oh, Danny, I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

He looked at her, a wry smile playing about his lips. The look made him look years younger.

“Anna, you didn’t hurt me.” He took her face in his hands and drew her near. The molten gold in his eyes shined with admiration and honesty. “You destroyed me.”

The utter surrender in his voice made her heart turn over. “Danny.”

“Shhh.” This time when he kissed her, it was gentle, almost loving. Her throat closed up at the tender look in his eyes. By the time he pulled back, he was not the only one destroyed.