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by Toni Blake

Genre: General Contemporary Romance

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Mmm, God, yes. Now this was kissing. She couldn’t remember the last time a man had kissed her so thoughtfully, so thoroughly. She hadn’t imagined it being like this with Mike Romo at all. The harder, more urgent kissing – yeah, that was what she’d expected, and she’d been perfectly turned-on by it. But this – this she felt in her chest, in the small of her back; it stretched down her inner thighs.

When he finally ended the kissing, they were both breathing audibly. He drew his hands from her face – one he molded to her hip, and with the other he skimmed his knuckles down over her neck, her chest, just barely grazing her breast. It was that last part that made her flinch, her very womb contracting, as she let out a hot little gasp.

Their eyes met and her lips trembled. Mike let out a small moan in response. Then he eased his palm gently onto her breast, using his thumb to stroke across the tip.

She had to shut her eyes, lean her head back, as she drew air deeply into her lungs. She felt him watching her, seeing her passion, and she didn’t mind. Suddenly, something about the way he looked at her made her feel beautiful.

When she didn’t object, he lifted his other hand, as well, and began slowly kneading both her breasts. It was all she could do to keep standing, the pleasure rushing through her like a river.

Then her hands were on his face – she never made the conscious decision to touch him there, it just happened – and she was kissing him again, indulging in more slow, deliciously deep kisses that made her feel a little like she was drowning, in him. Finally, she was touching that dark stubble on that strong jaw, running her fingertips over that warm, olive skin. And sinking, sinking, deeper with each passing second.

Until finally he released her breasts from his grasp and began to unbutton her blouse. Wow. She stopped kissing to murmur against his mouth, “So we’re gonna do this – here?” Up to now it was just making out, touching. But this changed things.

“Unless you stop me,” he said, low, deep.

She didn’t want to stop, but she couldn’t help thinking about consequences. “What if Elmer comes back and opens the door?”

“Not likely. Everybody’s gone,” he said, his lips but an inch from hers. Her arms twined around his neck now, and he continued undoing her buttons.

“I’m … surprised you’d do this, have sex on school premises,” she whispered raggedly. “Isn’t there some kind of law against that?”

“Not that I know of.” Her shirt was entirely unbuttoned now, and he eased his arms around her waist underneath to run his palms over the flesh of her lower back.

She caught her breath, trembled slightly, and bit her lip. “But it still seems … you know, bad. Naughty.”

That’s when his hands dropped to her ass, squeezing her tight against the hardness between his legs. “Just because I’m a good cop,” he said, “doesn’t mean I’m not a bad boy.”

“Ohhh,” she moaned as the sensation dug deeper into her, and she heard herself rasp, “I think you’re on the verge of making me a bad girl.”

“Good,” he whispered. Then he kissed her again, and as he grew still stiffer against her, she followed the urge to show him what a bad girl she could be – she reached down between them to press her hand over the stone-like column in his jeans.

“Jesus God,” he muttered, his eyes dropping shut, and she liked feeling that little bit of sexual power over him. He wasn’t the only one here with the ability to deliver pleasure.

They kissed some more and Rachel forgot the rest of the world existed, though when Mike reached for the button on her jeans, it brought home for her once more exactly what was about to happen here. She pulled back and said, breathily, “I want to be clear, though – this doesn’t mean I like you.”

His answer came just as raspy. “Good – it doesn’t mean I like you, either. Now shut up and kiss me.”