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by Sasha Campbell

Genre: Multicultural, Mainstream

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I stepped into Situations and was heading over to Tiffany’s booth, when something—correction—someone caught my eye. 

“Who’s that?” 

Tiffany glanced up from her client’s hair and followed the direction of my eyes. “Oh, that's Chauncey,” she replied, eyes beaming like she knew something I didn’t.

“Chauncey? When he start working here?” I came into the salon at least once a month to get my hair and nails done but I've never seen him before. Trust me. A man that fine…I would’ve remembered. 

“He's been here almost two months. Remember, you cancelled your appointment last month.” She was right, which was the reason why I desperately needed some serious work on my toes. 

All the seats in the waiting room had been taken so I stood near Tiffany, and the entire time I was watching him out the corner of my eyes. 

“He's fine, ain’t he?” Tiffany teased.

Fine wasn't the word. He was sexy as all get out but I wasn’t about to let her know that. “He's aw’ight,” I replied trying to act like he was no big deal. 

Chauncey’s back was turned and I admired his wide shoulders and the way he filled out a pair of loose-fitting jeans. He had beautiful dreadlocks that were worn pulled back with a leather band. He was about five-ten and weighed at least two-twenty. After a while I felt stupid standing there saying nothing while I stared across the room. 

“Where's Julie?” 

Tiffany didn’t even bother to look up. “Quit.”

“Quit?” I asked as if I had heard her wrong. When she confirmed with a nod, I leaned in and whispered, “Then who's doing my feet?”

She pointed across the room. “That gorgeous specimen standing in the back. Tiffany, he's good, too! Why you think the lobby is full? All those chicks are waiting for him to make love to their feet.”

I looked over at Chauncey again. He had taken a seat on a stool in front of the foot spa. My mouth went dry. A man doing pedicures? And not just any man, but that sexy creature standing a few feet away. “Oh, hell no! There’s no way I'm letting a man do my pedicure.” Not the way my toes were looking. You would think I've been running around bare feet in the jungle.

“He's good.” I guessed Tiffany could tell I was skeptical. “Trust me. All these chicks aren’t here to see me.” She reminded me, just in case I hadn’t heard her the first time. I looked at the women eagerly waiting, and the two already sitting in the massage chairs.

“I guess,” I mumbled under my breath. Speak of the devil…he was walking toward me. Lord, have mercy! He had the prettiest skin and the most beautiful set of eyes. 

“Which one of you sexy ladies is next?” Chauncey licked a juicy top lip. I had to take several deep breaths to regain my composure then I slowly raised my hand.