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by Jill Shalvis

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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He looked even better now at thirty-four than he had at seventeen.

And yep, right on cue, as she took in the two-day stubble on his square jaw, the fine laugh lines around his mesmerizing eyes and the effortlessly charming smile, she melted like a glob of butter on a stack of pancakes.

“What?” he asked.

She studied his big, wet, gorgeous self and slowly shook her head. “Why couldn’t you have gone bald or gotten fat? The least you can do is burp or scratch an impolite body part, or something equally unattractive.”

His smile came slow and sure. 

“What?” Tara asked.

“You want to jump me.”

God, yes. “Look, I have bigger problems than this, okay?”

Ford looked at her for a beat, then stepped into her space, crowding her up against the wall of the marina building. “I can give you something to take your mind off your other problems,” he said in a silky promise.

There was no doubt in her mind.
Sensing capitulation, he pressed his mouth to the underside of her jaw. “Just say the word.”