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by Liz Talley

Genre: Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Superromance, Series

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Something entered Henry's eyes. A sort of oh, crap look. "Um, it's okay. She's making bread or something like that."

The boy's gaze met Brent's and a weird deja vu hit him. The kid's eyes were the color of cinnamon. Like eyes Brent had stared into a million times. He glanced at the gate that had been locked for over ten years. The gate that led to the Tulip Hill Bed-and-Breakfast on the other side of the fence the boy had climbed.

Your mom, is she by any chance—"

"Henry Albright! Where the devil are you?" The woman's voice carried on the wind into the Hamiltons' backyard.

"Oops, that's my mom. She's gonna be mad. I'm not supposed to talk to strangers," Henry said, scrambling toward the fence.

Brent closed his mouth and watched as Henry ducked beneath the redbud tree before grasping one branch and swinging himself toward the brace on the fence. His worn sneaker hit perfectly and he arched himself so the other landed beside it. But the boy hadn't been fast enough.

The gate opened with a shove because the grass had grown over the once well-worn path.

Henry froze and so did Brent.

A woman stood in the opening. Her curly red hair streamed over a blue apron that was streaked with flour and she wore a frown. Brent allowed his eyes to feast on her, for she was sheer bounty. Her cinnamon eyes flashed, her wide mouth turned down, but the body outlined in the apron was lush and ripe from the long white throat to the trim ankles visible beneath the flowing skirt. Bare feet anchored themselves in the healthy St. Augustine.

Rayne Rose.

Brent swallowed. Hard

“Hey, Mom,” Henry said, dropping to his feet. “This is-“ Henry turned to him. “Hey, I don’t know your name.”

Brent didn’t move, just watched Rayne as she registered his presence. He could see her tightening. See her shock. See her try to recover.

“Brent,” she said.

Something tugged within him at his name on her lips. Her sweet lips. The first ones he’d ever kissed.