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by Anna Sullivan

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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“You’re crowding me again,” Maggie said.

“It doesn’t seem to be bothering you this time.”

“Oh, it’s bothering me. I’m just trying to figure your angle.”

“Ouch.” Dex stepped back, kept it good-natured, but there was a definite sting that she’d think he would use that kind of weapon.

“Don’t beat yourself up, Keegan,” she said. “You can’t manipulate everyone in the world.”

“You think you’re such a hard nut to crack?” He grabbed her by the upper arms and jerked her against him, taking her mouth.

He’d expected her to fight, so it caught him off guard when she fisted her hands in his jacket. She’d had some self-defense training, he remembered, as she used her weight to pull him off balance, twist them both around, and shove him against the car.

Then he stopped thinking because she poured herself into the kiss, tilted her head, and pulled him into a dark, sweet world filled with heat and intensity and promise. She made a breathless little sound that seemed to arrow straight through him, and even as his blood took fire she slipped her arms around his waist and laid that long, lean body against his, collarbone to knees, and gave him everything she had to give. At least he hoped she hadn’t held anything back, or he’d be in real trouble when they finally got together.

And they would be getting together.

If this kiss taught him anything, he thought in the last rational part of his brain, it was to stop deluding himself that he could keep his hands off her for much longer. But just to prove he wasn’t completely helpless, to let her know she wasn’t the one in charge, he broke the kiss.

He didn’t push her away, wrapping his arms around her and staying all but mouth to mouth with her. And although he could feel her muscles tense, she didn’t test his strength.

Or her own.

“The next time we do this,” he said, “we won’t be outside, where half the village gets a free show. We’ll be somewhere

we can finish it.”

“You keep making threats—”

“Not a threat, a promise.” This time, when he felt her muscles bunch, when those brilliant blue eyes narrowed on his, he turned her loose. Not because he was afraid his strength wouldn’t be enough.

But because he might not let her go.