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by Cara Elliott

Genre: Regency Period, England, Historical Romance

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“No,” he murmured, “I’ve noticed that for all your quiet ways, you don’t frighten easily.” His hands set on her shoulders and slowly drew inwards, until his thumbs were lightly touching the hollow of her throat.

Sophie felt her pulse skitter and kick up a notch. Her flesh began to throb against the butter-soft leather. “I could scream,” she whispered.

“True. But I don’t think you will.” His mocking mouth was now but a hairsbreadth from hers. “I think you’re hoping I’ll kiss you again.”

“T-that’s absurd.”

“Why else wander down the Dark Walk, if not to indulge in your wildest desires?”

“I . . .” Sophie couldn’t bring herself to go on. Lies and longingsboth were sinfully wrong.

The Pirate seemed to read her thoughts. “Confused? Life rarely offers black and white answers, Sophie. It’s mostly a muddle of shapeless greys. Only you can decide what form you want them to take.”

“Why are you following me?” she asked again.

“Call it curiosity. It’s clear you are involved in some very dangerous dealings, and as someone who is intimately acquainted with skullduggery, I can’t help but wonder why. Lord Dudley is not a good choice of friends.”

“Good God, he is not a friend,” she croaked.

His hands moved up to frame her face. “Perhaps you need one.”

Need. Her whole body was suddenly all aquiver. “Oh, I wish . . . I wish—”

A kiss feathered over her lips, lightly at first, but the sweet friction sparked a fierce flare of heat inside her. All sense—all sanity—seemed to go up in smoke.

Moaning against his mouth, Sophie clutched at his strong, sloping shoulders and let her body melt against his. Beneath the finespun layers of cloth, she could feel the chiseled contours of his muscles.

A rumbled laugh turned to a feral groan in the Pirate’s throat as their tongues touched and twined. Through the slitted eyeholes of his mask she saw a flash of green-gold fire.

Dear God. Dear God. She felt herself drowning in the swirling depths. Desperately in need of something solid to cling to, she hitched her hips, forcing his legs apart. Her fingers tangled in his hair, drawing him down, down.

Without breaking their kiss, the Pirate spun her around, and suddenly his warm weight had her pinned upon against the truck of a tree. Liquid heat spiraled to her core as the hard ridge of his arousal thrust against her belly.

Oh, this is wicked, thought Sophie, even as she opened herself to his lush embrace. Wicked.