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by Katie Lane

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Elizabeth slid a hand down the brocade curtains and stared in at the rumpled black satin sheets. What kind of wickedness had transpired here? What kind of depravity? What kind of fun?

Before Elizabeth knew it, she had pushed back the curtain and slipped inside the shadowy cocoon. The mattress was not too soft or too hard, the sheets cool to the touch. She eased down to the pillows and breathed deeply. The smell of lilacs wasn’t surprising. But the other scent baffled her. It was an earthy scent that she couldn’t quite place.

A dark head separated from the black satin of the pillow, and a deep voice rumbled next to her ear.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

It took a hand settling over her waist for Elizabeth to snap out of it. It was too late. The strong fingers tightened, and she was pulled toward a man who looked more like a villain than a hero. Hair as black and satiny as the sheets framed a face of hard angles and sapphire eyes that gleamed with a look that could only be described as dangerous and…hot.

Elizabeth might not pay much attention to men, but she knew an attractive man when she saw one. There was Slate with his golden hair and hazel eyes. Colt with his muscular body and intriguing tattoos. And Bubba with his country boy charm. But this man beat them all, and she couldn’t quite put her finger on the reason why.

He wasn’t handsome in the classical sense. His jaw was a little too pronounced, his lips too firm, his forehead too high, his eyes too deeply set. Yet there was something in those sapphire eyes that unsettled her. A look that reminded her of her cat when he had arrived at her door wet and starving.

The man dipped his head, and she realized she’d been right. He was starving. It just wasn’t for food. His mouth settled over hers in a hungry glide that sent a zap of heat zinging straight through her body to the crotch of the 99-cent panties she’d gotten on sale.

This was no sloppy, inexperienced kiss like she’d gotten from Jeffrey Hunt in high school. Or the distracted, obligatory kisses she got from Marvin Migler in college. No, this man kissed like an expert who’d been doing it for a lifetime—and liked doing it. His lips were hot, skilled, and consuming. So much so, that before Elizabeth even realized, she was kissing him back and trying to remember why she shouldn’t be.

A low growl came from the hard, naked chest pressed against her buttoned-up blouse, vibrating through her mouth like a mating call. He pulled back, and she barely had time to suck in a deep breath before her skirt was being pushed up and her panties tugged down.

She needed to put a stop to things and take control of the situation. She was about to have sex with a complete stranger.