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by Beth Albright

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Oh, the gown was a thing of fairy tales. The bodice, in white taffeta, fitted to an empire waist, leaving plenty of room for baby. A thick blush-pink satin sash ran just above her belly and tied in a long bow at the back, the ribbon flowing all the way to the floor. The strapless neckline was in a sweetheart design that would show off her strand of pearls and new ample cleavage just perfectly.

Vivi started to tear up, moving in slow motion, arm outstretched gently, as if she might ruin it with one touch or dispel the ethereal vision into mist. “Sweetie, you are a genius. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

“Now, don’t you go a cryin’, Vivi McFadden, or your eyes will be all puffy and that will throw off the lines of my dress.”

We all laughed.

“Now go try it on and let’s see if I guessed right about how big that baby of yours was gonna be.”

Vivi took the dress in her arms, a look of unexpected joy on her face, like she had just won the pageant and couldn’t believe it. We all walked into the studio, Vivi shaking her head in amazement.

“I can’t believe I will be wearing this tonight.” She laid the dress on the bed. “I never even thought I would be having a wedding, much less wearing white.”

We both burst out laughing. “White is fine, Vivi. You can wear any damn thing you want. It’s your wedding, last I checked.”

The dress was perfect for her. Yep, I’m a pregnant bride and I’m wearing white, so there. It was just so Vivi.

“C’mon, honey. Let’s get you in it,” I said, smiling and excited.

Vivi put her purse down on a table and began to undress. She had on a creamy lace strapless bra and matching panties. Her burgeoning tummy was a spectacular thing of beauty. She took lacy flats out of her bag.

“No heels. I have enough trouble balancing right now as it is,” Vivi explained at Miss Sweetie’s look of surprise. That woman lived for glamorous dresses and stilettos, so this was close to blasphemy as far as her fashion sense was concerned. “I’ve always been more of a barefoot girl anyway.” Sweetie knew better than to argue with the bride on her wedding day, so she smiled and stepped out of the room while I helped Vivi into her dress.

“You look stunning, Vivi, and you’re not even dressed. Now, Sweetie-Pie said she made this an easy one zip, in case she needs to let it out a bit,” I said.

I steadied Vivi as she stepped in and pulled up the dress. Her frizzy red hair was poofed out in crazy curls, not having been tamed for the day yet. She looked like an ice cream cone with a vibrant cherry on top. I zipped her in and she turned around.

“How do I look?” she asked.

My mouthed dropped. She was perfect. A vision of a princess—granted, an extremely pregnant one, but still very much a princess.

“Well?” she begged. “C’mon now. I need to hear the truth.”

“Vivi, the truth is that I have never, ever seen you more beautiful than right this second. Not in a pageant dress, not as my maid of honor, not ever. You’re just perfect.”