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by H.P. Mallory

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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“Where in England are you from?” I asked, finding my train of thought.

He glanced down at me and raised his brows as if the answer should be obvious. It was a strange reaction. “London.”

“Is that where you live now?”

“One of the places.” I felt surprise echo through me.

“You live in more than one place?”

Live is a complicated word,” he offered with a smile.

“I own homes in various countries, yes.” Wow, he really had to be loaded. If the Ferrari wasn’t a clue, the fact that he owned homes in more than one country was a pretty good indicator. “May I ask where?”

“Yes, of course you may ask.”

When he made no motion to answer the question, I realized he was making a joke. “Ha ha,” I said with a smile. I boldly gripped his arm and pulled myself into him while he chuckled down at me. He lifted his arm from my grasp and wrapped it around me, folding me into the cocoon of his embrace. It was just as chilly as his hand and lips had been. But this time I knew better and I didn’t say anything.

“London, Paris, and Lucerne.”

“Lucerne?” I asked, trying to remember where that was.


“Ah, yes,” I finished with an embarrassed smile. I’d never been much of a wiz at geography.

“I had fun with you tonight,” I said with a nervous smile, my eyes focused on my fidgeting hands.

“As did I, poppet.” He wrapped his other arm around me and pulled me into him, kissing the top of my head while butterflies began swarming in my stomach. “I find I always enjoy our time together.”

I didn’t say anything, just nodded and smiled up at him, probably looking like a lovesick dog. And before I could even comprehend what was happening, Sinjin bent down and, tightening his hold on me, kissed me. It was a light kiss and his lips were incredibly full, soft. I closed my eyes, feeling my heartbeat ricocheting through me until I started to feel dizzy, which immediately made me worry that this might be a huge mistake. Maybe it was all happening too quickly—I mean, the last thing I wanted to do was lose control.

Jolie, just go with it! I chided myself. Just keep your eyes closed and stop thinking!

But when I felt his tongue entering my mouth, something inside me ground its hooves into the dirt. A voice of reason suddenly came through loud and clear over the PA system in my brain, emerging from the swirling mass of my thoughts.

What if this is the lead-in to sex? Are you ready for that?

No, of course I’m not!

And furthermore, how are you going to feel when you’re completely caught up in him and he goes back to Britain or France or freaking Switzerland?

“I . . . I’m sorry, Sinjin, I can’t do this,” I started as I pulled away from him.