The 100 Recap: 1.6 - "His Sister's Keeper"

Seventeen years ago, a young Bellamy tries to comfort his mother, who’s in labor. As most TV births turn out, it’s a relatively easy ordeal and Bellamy decides to name his new sister after emperor Augustus’s sister Octavia.

Gee, Mom, no pressure or anything.

Present day, Octavia wakes up, injured and alone, in a dark cavern of sorts. The Grounder who took her comes in and lunges at her with a white-hot metal stake. She blacks out.

After looking for his sister with Clarke’s help, Bellamy organizes a search party. Raven’s giving Finn a haircut and he wants to tell her what happened between him and Clarke. Naturally, he doesn’t and instead catches up with Clarke and tells her he likes her slightly more. Before the gang sets out, they see the bodies of the people they killed on the Ark falling in the sky like meteors. Determined now more than ever to make contact with the Ark, Clarke and Raven set out to find a new transmitter.

When Octavia wakes up — again — she discovers the Grounder fixed her wound. Now that she’s all patched up, she manages to escape the cave. But as her brother and the others get closer to finding her, they come across a bunch of skeletons, a warning sign from the Grounders.

In flashbackland, teen Bellamy and his mom hide Octavia in a hidden chamber in the floor in time for the random search done by the guards. Turns out, Bellamy’s mom is sleeping with the head guard in order to secure Bellamy a position.

Clarke takes Raven to Finn’s bomb shelter, where they find a remote controlled car they can use for a transmitter. Raven discovers one of Finn’s model figures and starts to suspect something’s up.

Meanwhile, Bellamy, Finn and the others continue their search. A Grounder stealthily slides down on a rope and snatches a guy, only to drop his dead body back down a moment later. They quickly realize they’re surrounded and a chase ensues. Octavia almost gets caught in the crossfire, but the Grounder her took her finds her again and seemingly keeps her from getting killed before carrying her off. Again.

Flashback time! Octavia and Bellamy are both young adults now, and Bellamy happily informs her about the annual masquerade party, which Octavia can attend because, well, she’ll be wearing a mask. With the mask on, Octavia and Bellamy set out for the party. It’s a really touching moment to see Octavia leave their home for the first time. The party marks the first time Jasper sees Octavia. Cute!

Young Octavia and Bellamy! Woot!


Back on Earth, Octavia tries to communicate with the Grounder, thanking him for his help and pleading with him to help her brother. But things take a darker turn when he chains her up in an underground hole.

Bellamy and the others are about to be killed when a horn blares and the Grounders run off. Finn realizes it’s a warning against the acid fog. He pulls out a tarp to hide under. Later, they realize the fog isn’t coming and they spy a single Grounder. Bellamy decides to follow him.

In the flashback, the party is halted for a random ID check and Octavia is caught before she can get back home. Bellamy pleads with his fellow guardsman, but no luck. A year later, Bellamy’s now a janitor and the guardsman who didn’t help him save Octavia is now a commander, who floated Bellamy and Octavia’s mother. The commander meets with Bellamy to tell him of the Chancellor’s plan to send one hundred delinquents, including Octavia, to Earth. In order to be sent down with them, Bellamy has to kill the Chancellor.

Raven finally confronts Clarke about sleeping with Finn, and when Raven asks if she loves him, Clarke replies, “I hardly know him”. Sure, Clarke, we’ll believe that…

Poor Raven.


In her cave, Octavia manages to knock out her Grounder and finds the key to unlock her chains. Bellamy shows up and frees her. Yay! As they reunite, the Grounder wakes up and stabs Finn. Jasper manages to knock out the Grounder and they escape. At the camp, Clarke is tasked with saving Finn, but she doesn’t know what to do. She needs Abby and needs Raven to make the radio. ASAP. Meanwhile, Bellamy and Octavia have a heated argument where Bellamy tells his sister his life ended the day she was born. Ouch!

To make matters worse, a huge storm is brewing.

This episode was a little less exciting than the others, but we really enjoyed seeing past Bellamy and Octavia. The flashbacks helped show Bellamy’s softer side and gave insight into why he’s so overprotective. Next week’s episode, however, looks awesome since it appears Raven makes contact with Abby! You can find all of my previous The 100 recaps here.