The 100 Recap: 1.7 - "Contents Under Pressure"

With the storm raging, Raven desperately tries to make contact with the Ark as Clarke tries to stabilize Finn. She’s not looking too confident about his outcome, though.

A photo of Clarke tending to Finn's wounds

Clarke sure has been through a lot.


On the Ark, the council has spared Abby’s life regarding her rebellious actions last week, but she’s been booted from the council. They then argue about the signal flares the 100 sent from Earth. Suddenly, Raven’s messages come through. Kane does not look happy that Raven and the others are alive, but Abby is more than thrilled to hear Clarke’s voice.

As Clarke informs them that Earth is survivable and that they’re not alone, she pleads with Abby for help in saving Finn. She also has to tell the Chancellor that his son – Wells – is dead. Just as Abby starts walking Clarke through the procedure, the storm breaks up their connection. Bellamy and his gang return…with a tied up and beaten Grounder he intends to interrogate.

With makeshift medical supplies and the radio’s signal reestablished, Clarke and Raven assess Finn’s wound with Abby’s help while Octavia argues with Bellamy about his intentions for the Grounder. She still believes the Grounder had been trying to help her, but Bellamy’s not having it.

Back on the Ark, some shady lady named Diana visits the Chancellor to try and worm her way into the council. She’s all like, “I hope you can trust me to help you” and he’s like that Nope Octopus gif.

Clarke needs to remove the knife from Finn’s side with steady hands, but the storm causes their fortress to shake and wobble and be anything but steady. Just as she’s about to extract the knife, she, Raven and Finn are all thrown to the side. Luckily, Clarke removed the knife just in time and Finn is okay…for now.

Bellamy and his minions find a journal in the Grounder’s things full of drawings, including one of Octavia. Bellamy’s mood worsens when he finds a tally of the 100 and how many have died. There’s also a box of vials, which might come in handy later…

Clarke’s growing frustrated and tired, but Abby wants to talk. Her daughter doesn’t feel the same way. Instead, she goes up to check on Bellamy and tries to convince him to back down for fear of starting a war with the Grounders they can’t win. Bellamy stands his ground and before Clarke can argue further, Finn seizes and she rushes to his side. The radio’s lost its signal, though, and she’s left helpless.

In Arklandia, Kane visits his mother where the disgruntled families of the people who volunteered to die are gathered and demanding answers. The Chancellor intervenes before things get too ugly. Turns out, Kane is feeling guilty for failing his people and pushing so hard for the culling. The Chancellor’s response? “Pull yourself together, Kane, and then get your ass to the mess hall.” Ouch.

Clarke realizes there’s fluid in Finn’s lungs and realizes he’s been poisoned by the knife. She storms up to plead with the Grounder for the antidote, which is in one of his mystery vials. Clarke, angry and desperate, gives Bellamy the go ahead to force the answer out of their prisoner. Things take a dark turn here and it’s not pretty.

An animated photo of Octavia trying to grab Bellamy

Octavia tries to stop Bellamy. And fails.


Meanwhile, the Chancellor reveals everything to the disgruntled people of the Ark and tries to reassure them that Earth is survivable and that their loved ones’ deaths weren’t for nothing. But they’re still not convinced and when one man argues that the Chancellor doesn’t know pain, the Chancellor finally reveals to everyone that Wells is dead. Then shady Diana steps up and calms everyone down. And just like that she’s obtained her seat on the council – and she’s a bit too smug about it.

Bellamy ups his torture tactics, but the Grounder still isn’t talking. So Raven bursts in, grabs some wires and starts electrocuting him. It isn’t until Octavia stabs herself with the poisoned knife that the Grounder finally reveals which vial is the antidote.

After giving Finn the antidote and sending Raven to get water, Clarke breaks down and tells him she can’t do this without him. Abby comes through on the radio, and tells her she’s proud of her and that her father would be, too. At the mention of her father, Clarke gets all ragey and tells her mom she knows she’s the one who turned Jake in and got him killed. As Abby tries to explain herself, Clarke turns the radio off.

Octavia gets to work treating the Grounder’s wounds and apologizes to him for the way he’s been tortured. He takes her hand and says, “Thank you”. He speaks! And now we’re left wondering why he cares about her and if they’ll get a happy ending. Fingers crossed!

Finn wakes up, much to Clarke and Raven’s glee, and the whole camp gets to work cleaning up their fortress in the wake of the storm. She and Bellamy have a little heart-to-heart, and he shows an inkling of remorse over his violent actions with the Grounder. Maybe if we gave Bellamy a big hug he’d be nicer. (Me: “I volunteer as the hugger! I volunteer!”)

Clarke and Bellamy look at each other intensely

We're totes shipping Bellarke


As Diana is sworn into the council, the Chancellor reveals not everybody will be able to go down to Earth. “We are on the Titanic and there are not enough lifeboats.”

Man. Each week The 100 gets darker and darker, which may turn off some viewers, but it’s really working to the show’s advantage. Eliza Taylor continues to shine as Clarke and I love seeing her and Bellamy come closer to standing on even ground.