The 100 Recap: Episode 1.1 - "Pilot"

We open on our main girl, Clarke, as she’s busy drawing and delivering a rather poetic voiceover, telling us how a nuclear apocalypse pretty much decimated Earth ninety-seven years ago. But don’t worry, there were twelve space stations, including one known as the Ark, with survivors! Woot woot! Turns out, though, the Ark isn’t exactly Happyville. Any crime is an offense, and Clarke is — you guessed it, a criminal! When guards come to get her, she learns she’s one of the 100 who are going to “the ground” — Earth. And then a guard drugs her and we’re treated to the nifty title logo.

The Ark, aka Our Future Home


Clarke wakes and finds herself on a space shuttle with her fellow prisoners. And then Isaiah Washington pops up on screen as the Chancellor and gives the 100 a little explanation of what’s going on. Clarke and her sort of friend Wells, who’s the Chancellor’s son, try to keep everyone in check, but the lack of gravity is too appealing. Outside, the shuttle is nearing Earth and those who aren’t strapped in their seats have a bit of a, well, rough landing. Houston, we have a problem! All communication with the 100 has been cut off.

As they all but crash to the ground, Wells tries to apologize to Clarke for what happened to her father (he was executed), but she’s not having any of it. Wells gives her puppy eyes, but she’s too busy trying to knock common sense into everyone, including siblings Bellamy and Octavia. Bellamy opens the hatch and the 100 are welcomed by … sunlight. Ooooh.

Octavia steps out first and declares, “We’re back, bitches!” Man, she’s excited. Like a pack of hyenas, the rest of the delinquents fan out and act like, well, delinquents. Not Clarke, though, she’s too smart for that. With her map in hand, she sets out to get her bearings and discovers they’ve been sent to the wrong side of the mountain. Yikes!


As Clarke and Wells try to figure out how to get to their intended destination, the others start fighting over who’s in charge and who should venture out to the mountain. A fight ensues between Wells and some others, but a guy named Finn shows up and puts an end to the fight. Octavia tries to get her flirt on. “What? He’s cute,” she says when Bellamy gives her the side-eye. He’s nervous, but not because his little sis has grown up and discovered boys. He has a secret he doesn’t want getting out.

We cut back to the Ark and learn the Chancellor’s been shot. Could this be Bellamy’s big secret?

What are you hiding Bellamy?


Back on Earth, Clarke, Finn, Octavia, and two other guys set to explore and come across a cute deer. But oh snap! It has two heads!

On the Ark, Clarke’s doctor mom, Abby, is hard at work trying to save the Chancellor and has to break the rules in order to do so. Meanwhile, the back-up Chancellor, Kane, is plotting to clean house and eradicate a majority of their population, starting with the 100, ‘cause, you know, who needs a bunch of teen criminals?

Clarke reveals to her gang her father told her the Ark was dying, information that resulted in his execution. Before the mood can get too grim, Octavia strips down and jumps into the river. Suddenly, a serpent who could give Nessie a run for her money swims up and drags her under. Bye, Octavia! But wait! She’s alive and the others rescue her just in time.

At the camp, Bellamy and Wells have a clash of opinions. Bellamy and his minions decide to go with doing “whatever the hell [they] want” and cutting off their tracking devices. Great.

It isn’t long before Abby is arrested and sentenced to death. She’s placed in Clarke’s old cell and gets a little emotional looking over Clarke’s numerous drawings. Poor Abby.

Clarke wakes in the middle of the night and goes wandering. She finds a patch of glowing flowers and is joined by Finn, who offers her some water and shows her an animal track print. He thinks it’s a monkey, but she’s not buying it. They get a little flirty and make googly eyes at each other. Ah, young love.

Flirty, flirty

Bellamy kidnaps Wells and has his minions forcibly remove Wells’s tracking device after he refuses to drink Bellamy’s Kool Aid.

After the commercial break, the recovering Chancellor pardons Abby, much to Kane’s dismay.

As we reach the end of the tonight’s fanfare, Clarke and Co. have rigged a vine to swing across to the other side of the river. Jasper, who helped save Octavia from Nessie, goes first to impress her and as they celebrate his successful landing, a spear shoots through the air and stabs him. The episode ends with Clarke saying, “We’re not alone.” Ominous.

Overall, The 100 is off to a decent start. It manages to engage in ways Kass Morgan's book doesn’t, but I’m not wholly invested. None of the characters are particularly likeable, except Clarke, but I’m not sure she’s enough to keep me hooked. Did you watch last night's premiere? What did you think? You can find all of the RT TV recaps here.