The 100 Recap: Episode 1.10 - "I Am Become Death"

Last week, while we were hanging out at the RT Convention in New Orleans, The 100 provided yet another exhilarating episode. Clarke and the others tried to make peace with the Grounders, but things quickly went south and sketchy Diana stole the ship and went to Earth with her gang of followers and Abby as her sort of. When the ship reached Earth, however, it crashed. The launch caused the entire Ark to effectively collapse.

Now onto last night’s action…

We open up on Clarke, Raven, Finn and Bellamy examining the crash. Clarke is desperate for answers as to whether or not her mom was indeed on the ship. All they find, though, are charred bodies and the remnants of the ship.


The gang search the wreckage.

Back at camp, Octavia spots a white flower, a signal from Lincoln, who was last shot with an arrow by his fellow Grounders. Meanwhile, Jasper’s trying to impress his fellow delinquents with his story of how he saved everyone from the ambush – Octavia gives him some serious eye roll action. Suddenly, the camp’s makeshift alarm system goes off and they find a bloodied and beaten Murphy (Bellamy’s original minion) at their doorstep.

Turns out, Murphy’s been tortured by the Grounders and told them “everything”. Bellamy’s not too pleased about this, but Clarke gets him to agree to not killing Murphy until they find out what he knows.

Elsewhere, a chick named Harper tries to flirt up Jasper, but he shoots her down. Monty tries to reason with his friend, but Jasper’s ego has gotten the best of him and he pretty much kicks Monty to the curb. Ugh, Jasper.

Raven tells Clarke she still can’t make contact with the Ark, which concerns them both. Suddenly, Clarke’s eyes begin to bleed and they discover everyone who had contact with Murphy has contracted a virus. Clarke realizes the Grounders purposefully let him go and that the Grounders have now engaged in biological warfare.

After Clarke examines Octavia, who appears to be fine despite being the first to find Murphy, she asks her to set out to find Lincoln and the cure. When Octavia reunites with her Grounder boyfriend, she learns there’s no cure and his people are planning to attack the camp at dawn. Lincoln wants Octavia to run away with him, but she wants to warn the others first.

As more of the delinquents contract the virus, mass panic ensues. Clarke fires off a gun to try and reason with them, but soon falls even more ill. Octavia returns with the news that the virus isn’t supposed to last long, but that the Grounders are coming. The Grounders are coming! The Grounders are coming!


Clarke being B.A.

Finn devises a plan to blow up a bridge to slow down the Grounders. Problem is they need an explosive, so Raven suits up, collects fuel from the crashed ship and carefully creates a mixture that will react with gunpowder to make a bomb. Finn offers to be the one to set the bomb and Bellamy will take the shot, except now he’s bleeding and getting all virus-y. He asks Jasper to make the shot.

With Clarke subdued, Octavia and Murphy watch over the infected. When Bellamy’s brought in, Octavia promises she won’t let anything happen to him, just like he promised her the day she was born. Insert collective “aww” here.

When Finn and Jasper go to retrieve the bomb, they discover Raven’s taken it and plans to plant it herself. Problem is, on her way to the bridge, her nose starts bleeding. Delirious, she finally makes it to the bridge, but she’s not lookin’ too hot. As she struggles to set up the bomb, she hears drumming in the distance. The Grounders are getting close, but luckily Finn swoops in and grabs her. Jasper’s about to take the shot, but his gun stalls. Monty shows up and hands him a new gun and provides moral support. Jasper hits the bomb.


Bellamy and Clarke watch the bomb's plume of smoke.

Octavia reunites with Lincoln, who’s not happy with her. She’s not too excited either and tells him she’s decided not to run away with him. Well, I guess that ship has sailed — and not in the direction we at RT like.

Back at camp, Jasper and Monty return to much fanfare. Raven’s on the mend and she finally admits that Finn doesn’t love her the way he loves Clarke, and gives back the necklace he made her. Looks like another ship has taken a wrong turn. (We’re keeping fingers crossed that Bellarke continues to be an almost thing.)

The episode ends with Murphy killing one of the infected delinquents, the same guy who helped banish him. Was this an act of revenge or is Murphy still a psycho?

Yet another action-packed and rather dark episode, folks. It’s kind of fascinating to see how far the show and the characters have come since the rocky pilot. We’re nearing the end of the season, so I can’t wait to see what happens next! You can find all of our TV recaps here.