The 100 Recap: Episode 1.11 - "The Calm"

We open to Clarke and Bellamy ruminating about the lack of Grounder activity. They both know their angsty foes are just lying in wait. As if that’s not enough to worry about, she’s still grieving the loss of her mother, the fact that the Ark is failing and that no one is coming to save them.

Clarke and Bellamy have a chat.


On the Ark, as sunlight pours in, Kane awakens and seems, for the most part, fine. And alone. Spooky!

Octavia and Murphy are on meat duty, and are harassed by a fellow delinquent who coins the awful term “Grounder Pounder”. Yeah, it’s probably as much of a compliment as “mudblood”. Later, thanks to this moron, who built too big of a fire, the meat hut burns to the ground, taking the majority of the camp’s food supply with it. Bellamy and Clarke agree to form hunting parties, and Clarke agrees to go with goofy Myles and Finn.

Raven sees this and it looks like she’s not taking the break-up as well as she’s been letting on. She wants to leave and go solo, but Bellamy persuades her to stay and not “be an idiot”. As they chat it up, Raven comes up with a plan to make walkie-talkies for everyone so they can coordinate their efforts in fending off the Grounders.

Kane finds a flashlight, stumbles around a bit and finally finds a fellow Ark-er whose arm is stuck in a door. Once freed, the two men set out and come across a group people, who are barely alive. But the good news is the vents seem to be working and distributing oxygen.

While Myles chatters up a storm, Finn and Clarke spot some tracks. They quickly realize they’ve walked into a trap. Two arrows strike Myles and before Finn and Clarke can escape, they’re clobbered over the heads. Through blurry vision, Clarke sees three Grounders standing above her, including Anya, the Grounder leader from last week. Turns out, Anya needs Clarke to heal Tris, a dying Grounder girl who was caught in the blast from the bomb on the bridge. If Clarke doesn’t heal her, Anya will kill Finn.

Anya's not too pleased with Clarke and Finn.


Back on the crumbling Ark, Kane distributes oxygen masks and he and his new friend (I’m 99% sure they haven’t given him a name) realize the vents are distributing cool air, which Kane believes is some sort of message from the monitor room. Kane and the group establish communication with the Chancellor who is working with Sinclair (Abby’s buddy) and others to sustain the Ark. The Chancellor orders Kane to round up as many survivors as possible and take them to the mess hall, which is now the designated safety zone. Kane refuses and instead he and his group go to save the Chancellor and his team.

Much to Monty’s disappointment, Raven disassembles the radio to make walkie-talkies. When the hunters return and Finn isn’t among them, Raven gets upset and turns to seducing Bellamy to help her move on. Clothes come off (yay for shirtless Bellamy) and heavy kissing ensues.

Clarke has to make an incision and insert a small tube into Tris to drain her lungs of blood. Anya comes in, thinks the worst, and goes all ragey.

On the Ark, the Chancellor and the others learn that there might be survivors from the exodus ship who abandoned it before Diana stupidly launched it. Driven by his guilt and grief, Kane agrees to navigate the blazing hot maintenance shafts to see if they’re still alive in the service bay.

Just as Clarke is about to do a makeshift blood transfusion, Tris dies and Anya orders Finn to be taken away to be killed.

Monty finds Raven and informs her Clarke, Finn and Myles still haven’t returned and he’s going to look for them. Guilt pours over Raven’s face as she learns Clarke and Finn weren’t alone together.

Kane successfully makes it the service bay and finds a group of survivors … including Abby! Yay!


Kane finds Abby!


As Clarke cleans up with the help of one of Anya’s right hand men, she whips out a small knife and kills him. The look in her eyes is vicious and unsettling. Major kudos to actress Eliza Taylor for pulling off this scene and illustrating Clarke’s dark turn in such an impactful manner. Clarke escapes and makes her way through the forest.

Monty, who noticed some interference with the radio signals earlier, seems to stumble upon the source of the strange noise. Viewers aren’t privy to what he sees, so we’re just as clueless as his fellow campers. And when Bellamy tries to radio him to let him know they found Myles and are heading back to camp, Monty doesn’t respond and we see his walkie-talkie lying on the ground.

The episode ends with Clarke getting her leg caught in a trap that leaves her dangling upside down from a tree.

Can you believe we only have three episodes left before the season ends? It’s a good thing the show’s been renewed for a second season because I’m sure we’ll all be left desperate for more! You can find all of our TV recaps here.