The 100 Recap: Episode 1.12 - "We Are Grounders, Part 1"


We begin on the Ark, where the Chancellor informs the survivors that the ship is (still) dying, but he’s proud of the strength the 100 have shown. He then makes the remaining supplies available to everyone instead of rationing, but nobody’s looking too hopeful. Especially Abby, who seems a bit distracted and runs out of the room to check on a patient. And Kane? Well, he’s still feeling guilty and a bit restless.

On the ground, Raven, Bellamy and the others are setting up landmines to protect themselves from the Grounders. Bellamy’s not letting people leave the camp, which gets Raven riled up because they need to go save Finn, Clarke and Monty. Bellamy seems to have lost all hope and is getting rather desperate.

A Grounder named Tristan, who’s taking over Anya’s unit, introduces himself to Clarke, who’s tied up and not looking too good. Anya’s not too pleased about getting replaced, but she doesn’t have time to brood because she spots a signal fire in the distance. Knocked unconscious, Clarke’s fate is left in the hands of the Grounder who killed Finn.

After Bellamy and Jasper argue about going after their lost companions, they disperse and Murphy shows up and suffocates Myles. Jasper returns to the pod in time to witness the murder and Murphy draws a gun on him. But it’s a good thing Jasper’s been secretly radioing Bellamy, who overhears everything. But when Bellamy goes to intervene, Murphy takes Jasper hostage and locks them inside the pod.

Instead of killing Clarke, the Grounder frees her and reunites her with a not-dead Finn. Turns out the Grounder was actually Lincoln and he saved Finn! In the distance, Anya’s own signal fire goes out, alerting them that the others know Clarke and Finn are alive. Running for their lives, Lincoln takes them to an old mine that will lead them back to camp.

A happy reunion!


Abby, still stressed out and feeling guilty about her troubled relationship with Clarke, loses her patient and breaks down. She can’t protect Clarke anymore, but her friend and co-worker, Jackson, gives her a much-needed pep talk.

Knowing Murphy wants to get back at him for letting him get beat up and thrown out of the camp, Bellamy offers to hand himself over to free Jasper. Murphy accepts. Later, while Murphy makes Bellamy create a noose, Raven and Jasper sneak into the bunker.

On the Ark, the Chancellor’s watching family home videos … and drinking. No wonder he seems so la di da happy. In one of the videos, Jake tells little Clarke about the Ark’s gravitational systems and the Chancellor gets an idea.

Lincoln, Finn and Clarke make their way down the tunnel, but have to detour when they spot Reapers, who appear to be cannibalistic Grounders with lots of piercings. They make the regular Grounders seem like fluffy bunnies. Lincoln gives Clarke and Finn his notebook and directs them to locate a friend of his for help while he leads the Reapers away. As they make their escape, they discover the Reapers have dying people on hand to feast on. A Reaper sneaks up on them, but Finn kills him with a rock.

Murphy has had Bellamy make a noose and forces his new hostage to put it around his neck and blah blah blahs about how slighted he feels and how much he hates Bellamy and his arrogance. When Raven tries to hot wire the door, she gets shocked and squeals. Murphy starts shooting at the floor and knocks the chair out from Bellamy. Raven gets the door open just in time, but Murphy runs and hides in the top part of the pod. There, he finds more bullets for his gun and extra gunpowder. He blows open a hole and escapes. Have fun being alone in the woods with Grounders and Reapers, Murph! Oh, and don’t worry, Bellamy’s alive and well. And angry.

Sad face.


Free from the Reapers, Finn tells Clarke he’s in love with her and she tells him he broke her heart, which totally broke my heart. They return to camp and try to convince the others to pack up and run to the ocean where Lincoln wants them to go. Bellamy delivers an angsty speech about staying, but Clarke counters him and gets everyone to pack up. Raven staggers in, wounded from one of Murphy’s bullets.

On the Ark, Kane busies himself by trying to come up with ways to save the Ark when the Chancellor comes in and suggests they release the thrusters and use the Ark as a ship. This is a plan that is so crazy it may just work.

And with that another episode is over, which means next week is the SEASON FINALE. Yes, it’s that time already. At this point, my main question is: Where’s Monty? For more of our TV recaps, click here!