The 100 Recap: Episode 1.13 - "We Are Grounders, Part 2"

Bellamy and Clarke prepare to march off.


We begin the highly anticipated finale with Clarke cauterizing Raven’s gunshot wound while Bellamy and Finn butt heads. Even after Clarke tells him she and the others need him, Bellamy’s still gung ho on staying behind. Finally, he relents and goes with them. Watching the remaining 82 delinquents march off into the forest is a bit melodramatic, but it’s the CW, so…

Their exodus is halted when one of the campers gets an axe blade lodged into his face. Frantic and freaked, they all retreat back to the camp and argue about what to do next. Octavia and Finn want to fight their way through the Grounder scouts, but Clarke doesn’t think that’s a stellar idea and gives into Bellamy’s wish to stay and fight. Octavia, Jasper and a few others leave to do some recon.

Bellamy, Clarke and Raven go through their remaining weapons and battle plans. Clarke makes the startling realization that they can use the remaining rocket jets in the dropship create an explosion.


On the Ark, Kane and the others go through their own exit plans with the remaining Ark peeps. If they land at over 70 mph, they’re toast. Abby’s keeping fingers crossed they make it. Later, they strap themselves in and get ready to launch. When nothing happens, they realize someone has to manually do it. Kane, still feeling guilty, volunteers to stay behind. But wait – suddenly, the Ark launches – the Chancellor beat Kane to the punch.

Raven loses feeling in her legs while she, Finn and Clarke get ready to make things go boom. Clarke surmises the bullet is now in Raven’s spine and that she’s bleeding internally. Finn volunteers to venture out and get a Grounder compound that will stop the bleeding.

Later, Raven instructs Clarke in finding the manual override wire in the rockets. The two of them have a heart-to-heart, but Clarke discovers the wire is fried. Outside, the battle with the Grounders begins. Turns out, Murphy’s been feeding Anya and her gang information about the camp’s landmines. Yep, Murphy’s still dumb.

The Grounders launch a full attack and when one corners Bellamy, Octavia swoops in and saves him. Sadly, she’s not as lucky and is struck with an arrow.

Finn finds Lincoln, who gives him the medicine for Raven, and realizes they can pit the Reapers against the Grounders.

Raven instructs Jasper and Clarke through hotwiring the rocket, but soon falls unconscious. As Clarke tries to get help and rally the troops, the battle comes to a halt when they all see the Ark entering the atmosphere. Just as the Grounders get over it, Finn and Lincoln rush in with the Reapers right behind them. Chaos ensues.

Octavia begs Bellamy to leave her and get to safety. Lincoln shows up and says he can help her, but she has to go with him. She’s hesitant about leaving, but Bellamy urges her to go, telling her he needs her to live. Their tearful goodbye and a promise to meet again practically had me bawling my eyes out.



Jasper finishes rewiring the rocket, but Clarke wants to make sure Bellamy and Finn get inside before they close the hatch. But when her two men become entangled in the Grounder and Reaper fight, Clarke realizes she has to leave them behind. It’s heartwrenching watching her grasp the severity of the situation and the sacrifices they all have to make. As the hatch closes, Anya jumps inside. She’s quickly disarmed and attacked, but Clarke prevents the others from killing her and says, “We are not Grounders.” And then, Jasper sets off the explosion. Bye, bye Grounders and Reapers … but what about Finn and Bellamy?

The Chancellor makes contact with Abby and her ship, which has landed relatively safely. Abby’s the first to step outside and describes the glorious world to the Chancellor. Abby and Kane decide to set out to see if the other ship has landed successfully. Meanwhile, the Chancellor has a celebratory drink.

As Clarke and the others step outside and see the devastation, red smoke bombs are thrown into the camp. Anya says, “Mountain Men” before they’re all knocked unconscious. Men in gas masks with high-tech guns show up just as Clarke blacks out. Moments later, she wakes up in a blindingly white medical room. As she looks out the door, she sees Monty locked in a room across the hall. She spots a sign that says something about a quarantine zone. The episode ends with her looking utterly terrified.

Where is she?


Well, that’s it! Season one of The 100 is over and man, what an intense season it has been! The show was a bit rocky at first, but it quickly became a gritty, vicious and consuming drama about morality and survival. Eliza Taylor consistently proved her skills as an actress and I can’t wait to see what season two has in store for her character. Many high fives to the cast and crew for delivering a powerful season finale! See you next year!