The 100 Recap: Episode 1.2 - "Earth Skills"

We begin the night with Clarke, Finn, Octavia, and Monty racing through the forest, trying to escape whatever speared Jasper. Monty trips and comes face to face with a strange skeleton that is neither human nor animal. Octavia rightly says, “We’re so screwed.” They hear Jasper screaming and run back, but he’s nowhere to be found. His attackers took him. Poor Jasper…

Back on the Ark, Abby — Clarke’s Mom — checks in on how the 100 are doing, but they have to keep it all hush hush because it turns out the Chancellor hasn’t told the rest of his people what’s going on. Speaking of, the Chancellor staggers in and learns about the lack of communication and apparent deaths of some of the delinquents. (Remember, they’ve been cutting off their tracking device wristbands.) Abby tries to reassure him the kids, including his son, are fine, but we’re not sure he buys it.

Meanwhile, Wells finishes burying a couple bodies. He doesn’t look too pleased and we don’t blame him. When he returns to camp, he finds everyone acting like horny monkeys, and gets into a fight with Bellamy, who’s shirtless. (Yay, shirtlessness!). Wells tries desperately to convince Bellamy there’s too much chaos, but Bellamy doesn’t quite get it yet. Instead, he lets Wells and right hand man Murphy get in a knife fight. Clarke and Co. return to find Wells about to slice and dice Murphy’s neck. Clarke isn’t impressed. The gang gets everyone else caught up on the fact that they’re not alone and why they were sent to Earth.

Shirltess Bellamy. Yes.


Abby helps redress the Chancellor’s wounds while asking him where his allegiance lies. He’s not on her side because he’s lost hope. Abby reminds him, “Hope is everything” before storming out as Chancellor Wannabe Kane walks in. Now it’s the Chancellor questioning Kane’s allegiance and putting him in his place. Kane tries to deny his involvement in the Chancellor’s attack, but we all know he’s a Shady McShadester.

As Clarke prepares for their Jasper’s rescue mission, she convinces Bellamy to tag along. After all, he has a gun and Clarke’s no dummy.

On the Ark, we’re introduced to Raven, a mechanic returning from a trip into space to make sure the Ark is all fine and dandy. She’s told she can’t visit her boyfriend in jail because the prisoners are in “quarantine”.

Octavia, still sour about not getting to help save Jasper, passes the time flirting with Atom, who’s been left in charge of making sure she stays out of trouble. So what does he do? He locks her in the ship, where Monty’s busy working on building a radio. He later tries to use Octavia’s wristband as a radio, but it doesn’t work.

Raven asks Abby if her boyfriend’s okay, but Abby doesn’t give her any answers. Raven knows something’s up. Is she as observant and brainy as Clarke?

Finn shows up and interrupts Bellamy and Clarke’s spat about her wristband. Wells doesn’t like how chummy Clarke and Finn are. Love triangle alert!

Clarke and Finn realize the river where Jasper was attacked is a sort of boundary, but before they can worry too much about not being able to get to the mountain, they find a new river, aka their new water supply. Finn pulls Clarke in for a flirtatious swim. (Um, have they forgotten Octavia was attacked by a river monster? What if it’s another boundary line? HUH!?). As Finn surmises Clarke regrets not being able to save her father, they spot Jasper’s goggles and blood.

Fancy a swim?


Abby and her pal are busy trying to get a signal from the 100. Raven’s caught spying on them and rightly guesses the teens are taking off the wristbands.

A glowing butterfly catches Octavia’s attention and she flits off to catch it, laughing like a crazy person. She finds a whole swarm of them, much to her glee. Atom has followed her and after starting at each other longingly, they kiss. Hooray!

Clarke and Co. finally find Jasper tied up and pretty much dying, yet it looks like his wounds have been treated. When Clarke goes to free him, she falls into a booby trap. Bellamy grabs her arm, but isn’t too keen on saving her. Luckily the others feel differently and pull her to safety.



On the Ark, Abby informs the council about the wristband situation and they vote on whether or not to kill off some of their people to ensure the survival of others. The Chancellor end sup being the tiebreaker, but refuses to vote. Kane isn’t too happy about this.

A crazy pants panther attacks Clarke and Co., but Wells, who had stolen Bellamy’s gun, shoots it before it can maul Bellamy. Too bad. But, hey, they now have dinner!

Abby tricks Raven into meeting with her and tells her all about the 100, the failing life support and potential genocide. But what does Abby want? She wants Raven to get a shabby old escape pod into tiptop shape for travel. Raven agrees only if she can go with her to Earth because her boyfriend’s down there. (Psst, it’s Finn. Gasp!) Abby agrees.

After Clarke and the others return to camp, Bellamy stumbles upon Atom and Octavia getting their kiss on and isn’t too pleased. So, he ties Atom up and leaves him hanging from a tree as punishment. Geez, Bellamy needs to take a chill pill. And while Finn and Clarke enjoy some dinner, we close on a creepy Gounder watching them.

Much like the pilot, last night’s episode was rather sturdy. Still, none of the characters are particularly likeable except Clarke, and maybe now Raven. Suggestion: watch if you’re curious, but don’t feel too bad if you forget to tune in. For last week’s recap, click here!