The 100 Recap: Episode 1.3 - "Earth Kills"

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The night begins with a flashback to the early days on the Ark. Clarke and her parents — doctor Abby and Jake — are watching an old soccer game with Wells and his father. Abby tells Jake she received some lab results he was waiting on. He immediately leaves and we’re left wondering what he’s up to.

Present day, Clarke tries to reassure Jasper he’s going to be okay, but we’re not so sure. After all, he’s been through a lot. Outside, Clarke hears a girl screaming and finds Charlotte, a young girl, who was having a nightmare about her parents’ deaths. Turns out Charlotte had assaulted a guard when her parents were “floated” (execution by way of being sucked out into space), earning her a spot amongst the 100. Clarke comforts her and tells her maybe everyone can have a fresh start.

Meanwhile, two members of Bellamy’s gang, Trina and Pascal, are lost in the woods when a strange orange fog envelops them, seemingly killing them. The next morning, Bellamy’s minions report back on Trina and Pascal’s disappearance, and he tries to reassure them everything’s fine. Atom’s not his biggest fan right now, though, and neither is Octavia, who just learned her lovely brother punished Atom for making out with her.

Jasper’s not doing too well and everyone except Clarke thinks he’s a lost cause. Well, at least she has hope.

We’re thrown back into the flashback and see Abby and Jake discussing how the Ark is failing and how he can’t fix it. He wants to tell the rest of their peers, but Abby thinks that would be too dangerous and lead to anarchy. She asks him to promise her he won’t go against the Council, but he can’t. He’ll be killed, but he doesn’t care because he wants to do what’s right. Oh, look, Clarke is eavesdropping! Yikes!

Clarke, Wells and Finn try to figure out what the Grounders used to treat Jasper’s wounds and Wells deduces it’s a certain type of seaweed. So, the love triangle head out to find it. They stumble upon an old van, much to Finn’s excitement, but Clarke rains on his parade and tells them to keep moving.

Elsewhere, Bellamy and his minions are hunting when Charlotte startles them. Bellamy and Atom try to get rid of her, but she refuses, so Bellamy does the responsible thing and gives her a knife so she can hunt with them.

When the trio locate the seaweed, they hear a strange horn sound and suddenly wind up face-to-face with the deadly orange fog. They make a run for it like nobody’s business.

Run, Clarke, run!


On the Flashback Ark, Clarke confides in Wells about how the Ark is failing. She makes him swear not to tell anyone, especially his father. He says he won’t, but he doesn’t inspire much confidence.

In present day, the fog continues to spread as everyone finds shelter. The love triangle hide out in the old van they found earlier and Finn finds an old flask of whiskey. Bottoms up, Clarke and Finn! Wells looks on with disdain. Meanwhile, Bellamy and Charlotte hide out in a cave, where he shows his soft side and comforts her after she has another nightmare. He tells her to hold the knife and say, “Screw you! I’m not afraid!” Um, sure, Bellamy, that’s awesome advice for a child.

Drunk Clarke finally lashes out at Wells and wants to know why he betrayed her and her father. “I made a mistake, Clarke,” he says. That is so not the answer she wants to hear.

Back on the crashed ship, where Octavia, Monty and the other delinquents are hiding out, Murphy and the others can’t stand Jasper’s moaning. Murphy decides to kill him, but Monty and Octavia trap him in the hatch before he can make his move. Yay for teamwork!

Flashback time! Jake records a video of himself explaining what’s happening to the Ark and why he’s decided to speak out. Clarke walks in and wants to know what his exact plan is, and tells him she wants to help. Suddenly, guards burst in and arrest him for treason. Later, in another flashback, we see him say a teary goodbye to Abby and Clarke before he gets sucked out into space.

The fog clears and Bellamy and Charlotte emerge from the cavern to meet up with his minions. They realize Atom’s missing and, surprisingly, Bellamy isn’t too thrilled about this.

As the trio head back to camp, Finn tells Clarke he thinks Wells didn’t turn in Clarke’s father, that somebody else could’ve known about the Ark. This makes Clarke question everything. Everything.

Charlotte finds Atom, who’s been badly burned by the fog. He asks Bellamy to put him out of his misery and kill him. Yet Bellamy can’t bring himself to do it. Charlotte hands him the knife and tells him not to be afraid. He sends everyone back to camp, but as he hesitates, he turns to find Clarke watching in horror. Clarke doesn’t think Bellamy should be the one to do it, so as she sings to Atom, she slowly takes the knife and kills him. Charlotte watches from the distance.

We might be shipping Bellamy and Clarke now...


When they return to camp, Octavia discovers Atom is dead and runs off, heartbroken. And when Murphy calls her a “psycho” for protecting Jasper, Bellamy gets all in his face, giving “protective brother” a whole new meaning.

Clarke confronts Wells and realizes it was her mother who turned her father in, not Wells. Turns out Wells has been taking the blame to keep her from hating her mom. Okay, so maybe Wells isn’t such a bad guy after all.

The night ends with Jasper on the mend and Charlotte buddying up with Wells. She tells him about her nightmares and tells him she found a way to make them stop. She then whips out her knife and STABS HIM IN THE NECK because his father is responsible for her parents’ death. It ends with her singing the same song Clarke sang to Atom. Creepy.

Overall, this was another enticing episode. Clarke continues to be our favorite and the scene where she kills Atom is heart-wrenching and surprisingly beautiful. Also, we were so not expecting Charlotte to murder Wells. Talk about a plot twist! You can find all of our TV recaps here.