The 100 Recap: Episode 1.4 - "Murphy's Law"

Last night’s episode opens on Clarke kneeling beside Wells’s grave. Finn shows up and tries cheering her up by giving her a pencil. It’s rather cute how excited she gets over the idea of being able to draw again. She tells Finn about how Wells used to trade his possessions to get her art supplies back on the Ark. She then circles back to the topic of her mom betraying her father and how she wishes she could do something to make her mom feel her pain. Suddenly, she gets an idea: cut off her wristband so her mother thinks she’s dead.

Meanwhile, in camp, Bellamy and Murphy oversee the others setting up an official base. Murphy’s still being a d-bag. Octavia tries to reassure Jasper that he’s safe and healthy. Jasper falls and they see two of Wells’s fingers lying next to Murphy’s knife. Yikes.

On the Ark, Abby runs into Wannabe Chancellor Kane and he basically tells her he’s stalking her and everyone else. He wants to accompany her to the lab, but when she tells him there’s a case of strep going around, he changes his mind and gets all scheme-y and suspicious. Abby goes on and meets up with Raven, who’s busy working on the ship. Abby’s itching to take flight, but the ship’s not ready.

After Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper ruminate over the knife and agree that Grounders didn’t kill Wells, Clarke rushes out and accosts Murphy in front of everyone. Charlotte watches with nervous eyes. Murphy tries to defend himself, but nobody’s coming to his aid. Chaos ensues as the others gang up on Murphy, tie him up and string him up from a tree. Clarke, horrified by what her outburst has caused, tries to convince Bellamy to stop the madness. But everyone else wants Bellamy to kill Murphy. Finally, Charlotte admits to her crime.

Poor, Charlotte


Raven attempts to get the last part she needs for the ship, but her black market dealer, Nigel, drives a hard bargain. In order to get it, she has to sleep with the Chief of Electrical. Nigel taunts Raven by telling her that her mother slept with him numerous times for favors.

Bellamy, Clarke and Finn try to come up with a plan to keep Charlotte safe, but Murphy isn’t happy, especially when he’s outvoted in regards to making her pay. Bellamy tries to reason with him, and Murphy clonks him over the head with a log. This seems to earn the others’ support. Thankfully, Clarke and Finn have escaped with Charlotte into the woods.

In Arklandia, Raven delivers the bad news about not getting the part to Abby, and Ms. Doctor Pants decides to take matters into her own hands and ends up trading Nigel morphine for the part.

Charlotte tries to seek comfort in Clarke as they trot through the forest, but Clarke’s not having it and lashes out. As the angry mob nears, Finn leads them into a secret underground bomb shelter. Later, when they think Charlotte’s asleep, the two of them discuss their situation and how Charlotte’s a liability thanks to the angry mob. Charlotte overhears this.

On the Ark, Nigel meets with Kane and tells him Abby and Raven are up to something. Nigel seems to think he owes her a favor now that she’s found a way for him to arrest and get rid of Abby. While they converse, Kane’s mother is in the other room delivering a sermon. Turns out she’s kind of a religious fanatic.

Clarke and Finn wake up to find Charlotte missing. Knowing she has to pay for what she’s done, Charlotte wants the mob to find her, but things change when she runs into Bellamy, who wants to keep her safe. Bellamy is a softie, who knew!

Just as Raven is about to put the finishing touches on the ship, Abby’s co-worker tells her Kane is looking for her and wants to arrest her. Since she’ll be floated, Abby makes Raven promise to go to Earth without her. They hug it out and Abby asks Raven to tell Clarke she loves her.

Abby's panicked and tearful goodbye to Raven


Bellamy and Charlotte reach the edge of a cliff and the mob corners them. Murphy holds Clarke at knifepoint to get Charlotte to turn herself over. Charlotte, distraught and remorseful, jumps off the cliff. Horrified, Bellamy attacks Murphy, but before he can kill him, Clarke convinces him that they need to work together to make rules, and suggests they banish Murphy as punishment.

On the Ark, Raven rushes to get the ship in working order, but it turns out Nigel gave them a faulty part. Frustrated, Raven looks over and spies a space suit and decides the suit will have to be enough to protect her from the elements. As Kane interrogates Abby, Raven takes flight.

Meanwhile, Monty thinks he’s finally got the wristband working as a communication device, but when they try to use it, it sparks and kills everyone’s wristbands. Finn rages out and Clarke attempts to calm him down. Soon they start making out and things get a bit steamy. Well, that escalated quickly. And since Raven — his girlfriend — is flying through space to find him, we can’t help but be a bit cross with him right now.




Overall, this was another dark and intense episode that definitely brought the show to a new level. The pacing felt a bit rushed, though, and I hope the writers don’t get too ahead of themselves. Eliza Taylor gave yet another lovely performance as Clarke, especially at the end when she tells Finn he's not alone. Oh, and it looks like Bellamy's shirtless again next week. Hooray! You can find all of RT's TV recaps here.