The 100 Recap: Episode 1.5 - "Twilight's Last Gleaming"



Clarke and Finn are canoodling after their little love session in the bomb shelter. Clarke reassures Finn that their night together was special while he jokes about wanting his first Earth sex. Is it a joke, though? After all, his girlfriend is hurtling through space right now to reunite with him.

On the Ark, the Chancellor visits Abby in her cell. She wants to know if Raven made it to Earth, but he wants to talk about how the Ark is dying faster than they predicted and Kane’s population reduction plan has been approved. Abby’s not too pleased, but the Chancellor’s not in the mood to listen to reason.

Meanwhile, Raven enters Earth’s atmosphere and so far hasn’t blown up. Yay!

As Clarke and Finn get all kissy again, Clarke spots a shooting star and Finn tells her all about how you make wishes on them. They quickly realize it’s not a star — and so do the others, including a shirtless Bellamy. Again, shirtless Bellamy.

Abby’s been given temporary freedom in order to attend to the dying people’s needs. She’s still determined to find out if Raven made it or not. Speaking of, we cut to Raven, who’s landed on Earth and is unconscious and bleeding. In the background, we hear the Ark trying to make contact.

Bellamy wants to reach Raven’s pod – before anyone else. Octavia’s onto him and calls him out. He reveals why he doesn’t want the Ark finding out they’re alive: he’s the one who shot the Chancellor! Octavia’s upset and rightfully so.

Back in Arklandia, Kane goes over the plan to round up a group of people in a room and cut off the oxygen. The Chancellor tells him Kane’s going to be the one to give the order. Why? Because Mr. Chancellor’s going to be in the room to die with the others. Later, Abby calls him a coward for not trying harder to save his people.


Woohoo! Earth!


Bellamy does in fact reach the pod before the others and cuts out the radio. As he runs off, Clarke and arrives on the scene, and Clarke helps Raven out. Things get rather awkward when Finn shows up and Raven gets all lovey dovey. Finn’s clearly uncomfortable and Clarke is shocked. He tries to apologize to Clarke, but she’s not in the mood to talk about it. Raven realizes who she is and tells her what her mom’s been up to. She then remembers she needs to tell the Ark they’re all alive.

In the woods, brooding Octavia realizes she’s not alone and starts running for her life. She trips and falls down a hill, knocking herself unconscious and getting rather beaten up in the process. Girl can’t catch a break.

Knowing Bellamy stole the radio, Clarke and Finn gang up on him and Raven reveals why he’s such a lamewad. She also informs him the Chancellor’s still alive. Clarke seizes this opportunity to convince him he’s not a murderer and that he can help save 300 people by telling them where he’s stashed the radio.

On the mothership, Abby leaks her husband’s original video about how the Ark is dying. Kane is not happy and wants to get rid of Abby once and for all. The video is interrupted by Abby, who urges everyone to band together and help save the Ark. Kane and the Chancellor are furious about her intervention. Things get worse when the father of one of Abby’s patients volunteers to die. Soon, others follow suit. “I volunteer! I volunteer as Tribute!” …Oh, wait. Wrong sci-fi world.

Volunteer #1

After finding the radio — in the river — Raven has everyone on double duty to build rockets to launch into space in the hopes the Ark sees them. Raven can tell something’s up with Clarke, but our favorite blonde keeps silent.

Kane convinces the Chancellor to rethink his decision, and he and Abby reach an understanding and a sort of truce. For now. As the volunteers prepare to die, the delinquents rush to get the rockets finished. As the Chancellor cuts off the oxygen, the rockets take flight. But not fast enough. Abby and her team must dispose of the bodies and it’s heartbreaking to see them do so.

Meanwhile, Octavia wakes up to find a Grounder – standing over her. Creepy! (Though, how hasn’t Bellamy noticed she’s missing?)

Later, as Abby and the Chancellor have a heart to heart, they see the rockets. Hooray!

Another great episode, folks! Very intense and surprisingly emotional. Did you watch it? What did you think? Sound off in the comments! You can find all of RT's TV recaps here.