1001 Dark Nights with Shayla Black — Plus Giveaway!

It’s a new year, the perfect time for an exciting new publishing project! How about one based on The Arabian Nights: 1001 Nights, helmed by Liz Berry and MJ Rose? You’ll remember that in those 1001 tales, Scheherazade desperately attempts to entertain her husband, the King of Persia, with new tales so he will postpone her execution.

1001 Dark Nights is a collection of sexy erotic or paranormal novellas, written by 12 bestselling authors, including Heather Graham, Larissa Ione and Lorelei James, who will entertain readers long into the night. The stories will be released one per month throughout 2014. Shayla Black, the first author to be featured in this new undertaking, has an excerpt of her story to peek at today. Read on for more — and a giveaway!

Shayla tells us:

"When Liz Berry first approached me about participating in this project that she and MJ Rose had created, I was immediately excited by having such savvy women behind us, the concept itself, and the caliber of the other authors. What a thrilling opportunity to spread the word about great novellas by authors I admire while telling a story that had been lurking in my heart for so long. I can’t wait for each month and each new tale to unfold!"

Shayla's story, "Forever Wicked", brings readers back to her Wicked Lovers world, and she doesn't use "wicked" lightly! See for yourself:

“I’m assuming you want a divorce.”

She hadn’t been any sort of wife to him, so that seemed logical.

Instead, he just looked pissed off. “You’re assuming?”

“We can’t go on this way.”

“Finally. Something we agree on.” He leaned in again, elbow braced on the table as his stare snared hers. “So I’m going to give you a choice: Spend between now and our anniversary with me—and I mean twenty-four/seven with me, in every fucking way I deem. If the twenty-fourth rolls around and you still want a divorce, file. I won’t fight you. In fact, I’ll not only honor the terms of our prenuptial agreement, but I’ll give you the amount stipulated if we’d remained married five years. If you want a divorce now, I’m filing tomorrow, and you get nothing.” He raised a brow at her. “Decide.”

Gia sucked in a breath at his proposition. “This instant?”

“The offer is only good for the next ten minutes.”

She’d always known that Jason played hardball, but she hadn’t expected him to use those skills on her. The prince she’d fallen in love with wasn’t trying to reconcile with her, but control and punish her.

“So you’re trying to coerce me into bed for a little revenge, or do you just want to work me out of your system?”

He shrugged. “My motivation is irrelevant. I merely asked you to make a choice.”

Gia’s immediate instinct was to tell him to shove his choice up his ass. She couldn’t be bought, no matter how rich and powerful he was. On the other hand, her conscience wouldn’t allow her to turn her back on him again. Besides, the two hundred fifty thousand dollars he dangled in front of her face could change her entire life. All she had to do was give the man she loved slightly less than three weeks of her time.

It wasn’t exactly a nightmare scenario—except for the part where he probably ended up crushing her heart at the end. Maybe she deserved it. Jason might not admit it, but she knew she’d hurt him this past year. If having her under his thumb for a few weeks enabled him to move on after they ended, she owed him that.

“I’ll come with you.” She’d figure out what to do about work, what to say to her parents, how to make sure Mila and the kids had the help they needed.

A satisfied little smile danced across his lips. “Excellent. Present yourself at my condo tomorrow at precisely six p.m. Arrive wearing no more than three garments and a pair of high heels. Pick whichever three you want, but if I have to peel off more than that before I fuck you, we’ll start with punishment.”

Can’t wait to find out what happens? Three lucky winners will get an e-copy of Shayla’s story, “Forever Wicked.” Good luck! And for more erotic tales, be sure to visit our Everything Erotic page. 

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