2011 Holiday Gift Guides For Readers

It’s that time of year again, when you’ve got to make a list and check it twice to figure out what you’re going to get your loved ones. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with suggestions for each type of person on your list. RT brings you our top suggestions of what to get for the hard to gift-to booklover in your life, no matter which genre they like best.


It doesn’t matter if your giftee loves historicals or contemporary reads, all romance lovers are represented in this extensive list of great gifts. Starting out with our suggestion for a hip new e-reader, we list tons of great e-book bundles that will light up anyone’s holiday (and not break the bank). Next up are other book-related buys including decorations with romance novels in mind, pampering kits and even a heart-shaped waffle iron. We’ve got everything you need to get your loved one ready to celebrate romance.

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If you have people on your list who love the things that go bump in the night, if they can’t get enough of monsters and wish they had a vampire (or werewolf) of their very own, then we’ve got the list for you. We’ve gone beyond the books to find you clothing, jewelry, kitchen utensils and more to make your giftee giddy with these supernatural selections. We particularly love the list’s skull booties, Think Geek’s Dismember-Me Zombie and our selection of tee shirts for every type of paranormal fan.

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Erotica readers know what they like and it is books! (And the more the merrier.) So for this gift guide, we load up on e-reads that will satisfy even the most voracious readers. But if you are looking to give your erotica-obsessed loved one something even more memorable, we have plenty of suggestions including some great corset-inspired pumps, hot lipstick colors and even note cards that will have your giftee sending you notes all year long!

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For the reader who always has an eye on the sky (or is searching for a path to a more fantastical existence) we’ve got gifts that are sure to please. From the Game of Thrones DVD box set to a Lord of the Rings Orc Sword hair piece to a tentacle tree ornament and more, we’ve broken out this genre by interest so if you know how your giftee enjoys spending time, we know what you should get them! 

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Its no mystery why readers love this genre. Who doesn’t look forward to reading about a great hero unmasking the bad guy? Do your giftee a favor by not just getting them one story, but buy them a bundle, an e-bundle that is. We have suggestions for readers who like cozies, straight up mysteries or those who like their tales gritty. But we don’t stop at book recommendations, our gift guide includes memorable presents that will take the mystery far beyond fiction. With gifts to wear, like a crafty bracelet inspired by classic mystery tales, to items to use and as presents to display, you can help your loved one make sure that everyone knows they have a “criminal” love of books. 

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With both teens and adults reading YA stories, we had a great time picking out our favorite holiday treats. Focusing on some of the big names in the genre, we found the absolute best gifts for those obsessed with Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Vampire Diaries and other popular series. But what if your giftee likes something unique? We’ve got picks for them as well from personalized book plates to beautiful artwork that is sure to please any fan of Young Adult literature.

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Of course no matter what genre your reader enjoys, you can give the gift that will keep on giving joy all year long, an RT BOOK REVIEWS magazine subscription. The magazine features articles that take readers behind the scenes of their favorite books, gets them up close and personal with the authors they love and includes over 250 reviews of new releases every month. 

And if for a gift that will make memories, we suggest an RT Booklovers Convention registration. Whisk the reader you love to our annual convention where over 1,200 fans gather for five days to have fun with authors, industry insiders and of course, their fellow booklovers!