2013 RT Awards Nominees Celebration: Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Indie/Self-Pubbed

Every year, the review staff at RT Book Reviews reads and rates more than three thousand books. And when each year draws to a close, we pick the best of the bunch for our readers to enjoy — the Reviewers’ Choice Awards. For the next few weeks, leading up to Thanksgiving, we’re going to be celebrating the nominations for many of these awards, across genres. We hope you’ll join us in congratulating all these wonderful authors, and, hey, if you find a great new book to read, all the better! Today, we'll be taking a look at the nominees for Paranormal & UF Indie/Self-Pubbed!




J.C. Daniels, Night Blade

In your opinion, what is the greatest benefit to self-publishing? 

Having so much creative control over the process. That can also be a burden, but I like being able to work at my own pace, completely, set the price, design the covers ... all of that is wonderful.

If you could have any magical/supernatural weapon, what would it be and why?

Well, since the ability to clean my house magically isn't a weapon, I think I'd take Kit's sword. She can call it to her hand when she needs it, so that is pretty useful. Of course, I'd have to learn to use it.

Jaime Rush, The End of Darkness

What is the greatest benefit to self-publishing? 

I think like a lot of indie-pubbed authors who have (ahem) been around for a while, find having control of our projects is an incredible aspect. I've indie-pubbed some of my backlist books, but The End of Darkness was my only original thus far. I loved having control of everything, and having no specific deadline was nice, too. It was fun to use a cover model (Scott Nova) who I actually knew. 

If you could have any magical/supernatural weapon, what would it be and why?

I don't have a lot of use for weapons, fortunately. But I would love to be able to teletransport. Travel without airport security — yea!

Mia Marshall, Shifting Selves

What is the greatest benefit to publishing with a smaller press? 

For me, it was the opportunity to explore publishing in a way I wouldn’t have if I’d started with one of the big guys. Though it took a lot of work to get my name and books out into the world, by starting small I learned about all aspects of publishing — marketing, publicity, editing, layout, the works—and I learned to really stay on top of publishing news and trends. I feel like it gave me a solid foundation for future books, regardless of how I publish them. Having this knowledge just means I have more choices when it comes time to publish, and I'm always in favor of more choices.

If you could have any magical/supernatural weapon, what would it be and why?

I’d pay good money for a magical dust bunny killer. All you’d have to do is wave the wand in a messy room, and it would magically clean itself, giving you more time to recline on the sofa with a really good book. It’s possible I’ve been overly influenced by the “A Spoonful of Sugar” scene in Mary Poppins.

These authors definitely know how to create exciting supernatural stories. Many congratulations to these authors and their books on their 2013 Best Paranormal & UF  Indie/Self-Pubbed book nominations, and check back tomorrow as we celebrate another set of award nominees. For the full list of 2013 award nominees, click here.