2014 Reading Challenge: Young Adult - We Check In

We're well into our reading challenge, where RT Web Team's DJ dared Elissa and Elisa to read Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone, a title a bit outside their comfort zone. (Here's part one.) Today, we're checking in to see how the quest is going thus far. DJ knows that if he picked a dud, his coworkers will never, ever let him live it down. For at least two weeks.


2014 reading challenge featuring Laini Taylor's Daught of Smoke and Bone - book cover witth 2014 reading challenge banner

Here's how we're faring:

Elissa: Honestly, this book is just gorgeous. I'm a huge YA fan but had been taking a break from the fantastical when this trilogy debuted, and I'm so, so glad to be catching up now. Karou is such a great heroine, she is simultaneously magical and yet completely reminiscent of my own college roommate, it's a treat to spend time with her. The worldbuilding in particular has made it very hard for me to not just hop a flight to Prague already, and I can't wait to see what happens next. My only reservation thus far is that the book is quite long, and I know I'm plowing through the first book in a trilogy. Uf! I hope for real resolution as opposed to simply a break in the action. 

Elisa: I am completely in love with this story. Karou is exactly who 16-year-old me (and, honestly, present day me a little bit) would want to be. A confident art student with blue hair who's just a little bit jaded? Heck yes. I also love Taylor's gradual worldbuilding. It takes about 50 pages for her to divulge how exactly Karou is different and how the magic in her world works. This gave me some time to really absorb her whimsical version of Prague.

DJ: *big sigh of relief* I am so glad you guys are loving it so far! It would've been really awkward if you hated it, haha. I completely agree that this book is simply gorgeous. Taylor unravels the world in such an extravagant and mesmerizing manner that you can't help but keep reading to see what you'll discover next. And can we please talk about Brimstone's amazing relationship advice in the first few chapters? Pure gold, right there.

Are you reading along with us? Or have some serious thoughts on Laini Taylor's lyricism? Comment below! And stayed tuned for the finale, where DJ will learn his fate. Mwa ha ha. In the meantime, check out our Everything YA page for more amazing teen reads.