2014 RT Convention Outfits: Elisa's Picks

The RT Booklovers Convention is only a few short weeks away! Which means if you're planning on attending the full week of books, babes (yes, we mean you) and shenanigans, you've got some packing to do. With a full schedule of panels, workshops, events — and, of course, parties — one outfit a day may not cut it. So bust out those extra large suitcases, because the RT staff is bringing you their dream outfits for the themed evening events and nighttime parties. Today, take a gander at RT Web Editor Elisa Verna's picks.

Mardi Gras World Carnivále



While the party being held at Mardi Gras World doesn't require anything fancy, it's still fun to dress in the spirit of New Orleans. At the very least, I'll have on some kind of mask (this one is pretty classy). I actually can't stand the color combination of yellow, purple and green, but I feel like this outfit does Mardi Gras justice without looking like a three-year-old's art project. Full outfit details here.

Samhain's Sinners & Saints Party

Is anyone attending this party dressed as a saint? Maybe, but I have a feeling the sinners will outnumber them. A good tip for planning costumes for RT is mixing regular items you already own (like a black pencil skirt and sexy heels) with more unusual items, like a tail and horns. This way you're not shelling out a ton of cash for a complete costume. Also, if you're looking for a new fantastic lipstick, I highly recommend OCC's lip tar. Full outfit details here.


RT Pub Crawl

Roll up your pant legs and bring a big bag to stuff your blazer in, because after creating this outfit I realized New Orleans is going to be hot. Like, literally, it will be quite warm in May. While the hotel will be temperature controlled, we'll have to brave the humidity for the bar crawl. Don't forget your anti-frizz serum and long, flowy cotton skirts, folks! Full outfit details here.


Heather Graham's Mardi Gras Magic & Mayhem, Dinner & Dance Party


Your teenage goth side (we all have one, don't try and hide it) will come out to play at Heather Graham's dinner party. Above is actually what I will be wearing to the event (except for the shoes, I have spiked hot pink heels instead). I could not be more excited about this skeleton hands bustier, not gonna lie. If you're not feeling the goth look, you could take more of a supernatural route with wings and a tail (raiding your kid's costume bin for fairy wings is totally acceptable). Full outfit details here.

What are you wearing to the RT Convention? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check back all month for more RT staff outfit picks! For more on the RT Booklovers Convention, click here.