2014 RT Convention Outfits: Tricia's Picks

The RT Booklovers Convention is only a few short weeks away! Which means if you're planning on attending the full week of books, babes (yes, we mean you) and shenanigans, you've got some packing to do. With a full schedule of panels, workshops, events — and, of course, parties — one outfit a day may not cut it. So bust out those extra large suitcases, because the RT staff is bringing you their dream outfits for the themed evening events and nighttime parties. Today, take a gander at RT Associate Editor Tricia Carr's picks.

Pirates, Scalawags & More

Arrrr you ready to bust out your best pirate garb? In this adorable dress I’ll fit right in with the pirates, privateers and wenches at the Grand Oaks Mansion. My pocket-watch necklace pays homage to one of my favorite pirates, Captain Hook, and I plan to channel Johnny Depp for my hair and makeup — just without the beard braids. Full outfit details here.

Mardi Gras World Carnivále


As soon as I saw these slightly tacky purple shoes, I knew I found the focal point of my Carnivále ensemble. It’ll be much more appropriate to flash these bright satin heels for Mardi Gras beads than, uh, something else women usually show. To complete my look: a modern mask-on-a-stick, gold accessories and eco-friendly purple nail polish. Full outfit details here.


RT Pub Crawl

I can’t begin to imagine what it’ll look like when 2,000 romance readers descend on Bourbon Street, but I am going to be ready with comfy Keds on my feet and my iPhone in hand to capture it all on camera — which is why I need a new book-themed phone case and a shirt just for taking selfies with my favorite authors. Full outfit details here.


Samhain's Sinners & Saints Party

Instead of horns, I’ll wear spikes and studs to Samhain's soirée. Red spandex is a fashion risk, but where else could I rock these pants and get nods of approval from my fellow sinners? Full outfit details here.


Heather Graham's Mardi Gras Magic & Mayhem, Dinner & Dance Party


I’ll be campaigning for the title of queen — wait, no, princess of darkness at Heather Graham's party this year if I can get my hands on (or make) a black flower crown. I’ll be in head-to-toe black as well, starting with smokey eye makeup and two coats of mascara, right down to a pair of classic black pumps. Full outfit details here.


Harlequin Dance Party


My feet hurt just thinking about all the walking (occasional running) and dancing I’ll do at RT Con '14, so on Saturday night I’m bringing out my flats. These D'Orsay-style slip-ons and this floral red dress make the perfect pair — just like the characters in a Harlequin novel! Full outfit details here.

What are you wearing to the RT Convention? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check back all month for more RT staff outfit picks! For more on the RT Booklovers Convention, click here.