2014 RT Convention Preview: Teen Day

Oh, readers. There's so much fun to be had at the RT convention. From the workshops to the parties to the mixers and more, you can't help but have a great time. We mean, we once got to smell Fabio! That was super exciting. But for so many teens across the country, the greatest addition to the schedule these past few years has been Teen Day! 

How to describe Teen Day? There is squealing. A lot of jumping up and down. Some tears. (But mostly when an author runs out of books.) Long-suffering parents. Last year there was a dad who functioned basically as a chauffeur/coat rack, and he couldn't have been happier to hang out with his daughter. We met a mom who drove a gaggle of girls eight hours to meet their favorite authors. Another who shrugged as her daughter bolted toward the gift bags, telling us, "What can I do? She loves books."  We even met an older sister who drove four hours with her younger brother to meet their favorite authors.

It's basically the best way to cap off the convention that we can possibly think off. 

And this year in NOLA on Saturday, May 17th, we're going to have the most fun yet. 

Authors signing in YA Alley at the 2013 bookfair

The day starts off at the giant book signing, where YA Alley is festooned with balloons (yes, festooned). Authors including our fearless organizer Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, Veronica Rossi, Leigh Bardugo, Colleen Houck and more, will be ready to sign books, both new and brought from home. Yes, you can bring books from home! We'll have a special system to check them in so they don't get mixed up with the books for sale.

Happy teens with tons o' book swag!

But that's just where the fun BEGINS! Participating teens will then head to special workshops, including speed reading, where authors will read just one minute or so of their work (there is often yelling), to craft workshops, where attendees can get insight into how to create and polish their own stories.

We mean TONS

And we're not done yet! Because next up is the PAR-TAY! There is food. There is music. There is mingling with authors. There is (some) dancing — lots of teens are busy reading the books they just got in their …

Swag bags filled with books

Awesome gift bags! Now, gift bags go to teens — on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who register ahead of time. But man, are they chock-full of books. That's right we said CHOCK FULL. And boy do teens love them. There's hoarding. And trading. And the authors are right there, hanging out with you, ready to autograph those books! 

So how do you get in on the fun? It's simple. Teen Day passes are $30 for one teen (up to age 20) and one guardian. To buy your tickets, go here and create an account. Once your account is created, head back over to the registration page and select "Teen Day Pass" from the drop-down menu. 

We mean, could Teen Day get any better? No, it could not. 

Follow these links more information on Teen Day and the RT Convention.  We'll see you in NOLA!