2014 RT Convention Preview: Yasmine Galenorn, Jennifer Estep and Larissa Ione's Favorite Memories and Con Advice

With its many intriguing cemeteries, voodoo shops, and rich history, New Orleans is pretty much a tailor-made setting for a paranormal story. And with so many paranormal and urban fantasy authors attending this year’s RT Convention, we thought we’d check in with Yaasmine Galenorn, Jennifer Estep and Larissa Ione about their fondest convention memories, advice for convention newbies and what they’re most excited to see and do in NOLA.



1. What's your favorite RT Convention memory?

Yasmine Galenorn: Honestly? Walking up on stage [in 2012] to receive my Career Achievement Award, and knowing RT considered my work worth that award. It was tremendous validation, and when I’m feeling tired and a little worn out from work, looking at it makes the day a little bit brighter.

Larissa Ione: There are so many, that it’s hard to choose! I think I have to go with the giant book signing...when the RT Convention was in Chicago in 2012. It was the first time I’ve ever had a nonstop line of readers who wanted to meet me. I love meeting readers...It was awesome!

2. What's one piece of advice you'd give to an RT Convention newbie?

YG: Don’t try to do everything. There’s so much to choose from that if you try to fit it all in, you’ll wear yourself out. Pick what you most want to do and then add in after that.  And don’t miss the giant book fair where all the authors will be hanging out!

LI: Please don’t be afraid to walk up to an author and say hi. I promise we won’t bite...We go to the RT Convention for fun and to meet people who love to read. We want to talk to you. Really!

3. What are you most excited to see and/or do in New Orleans?

Jennifer Estep: Cafe du Monde. I really want to try some of their famous beignets.

YG: Other than RT itself — some of the ghost tours and also Marie Laveau’s gravesite.

4. Why do you think paranormal readers and fans should come to the RT convention?

JE: The RT convention is a great place for [them] to meet, mix, and mingle with authors from all genres, as well as folks who love books as much as they do. It's just a really great time for book lovers.

Yasmine, Jennifer and Larissa will all be joining us in New Orleans in May, so be sure to say hi and chat books with them! For more 2014 RT Convention buzz, head on over to the official page!