3,2,1 ... Free Download

While we are not all sporting jet-packs and have robotic maids to do our bidding, Starbucks and sci-fi author Greg Bear are working together to make our world a little bit more futuristic. The coffeehouse giant has teamed up with the author to provide fans with a free e-copy of Bear's new novel, Hull Zero Three

Hull Zero Three marks the author's return to his deep space roots and the tale finds both the futuristic hero, Sanjay, and his ship in grave danger.

Between November 23rd and December 7th, you can download a free copy of Hull Zero Three from the new Starbucks Digital Network to enjoy at your pleasure. Just go into any Starbucks, sign onto the store's free wi-fi and visit the Bookish Reading Club on the site's Entertainment channel.

If that's not futuristic, we don't know what is!