5 Habits of Highly Successful Sci Fi Romance Couples

Fighting aliens, conquering new planets, commanding ships and flying through the galaxy are all in a hard day's work for many sci fi romance heroes and heroines. But how do the men and women of sci fi romance find time for relationships amidst all the space trekking and futuristic adventure? Author and genre blogger Heather Massey is here today to share 5 ways sci fi romance couples make it work:

Nurturing a romance can be tough even during the best of times. But what about when aliens are attacking Earth to steal all of our natural resources? How can a couple even begin to plan a date? Or imagine the challenges of executing a simple “getting to know you” conversation when an evil galactic empire is bent on the destruction and domination of one’s whole entire world!

Evil mega corporations don’t make it any easier with their Big Brother control issues and life-threatening products. Those types of workaholic villains can put a serious dent in a couple’s ability to carve out some “we time.”

Yet science fiction romance couples always achieve a Happily Ever After or Happily For Now no matter what the obstacles. How do they accomplish such a nigh impossible goal? What’s their secret?

They have quite a few of them, actually, and I will share them with you. Behold the 5 Habits of Highly Successful Sci-Fi Romance Couples:

1) They drink space java for breakfast. (That’s “coffee” to us dirtsiders)

Okay, so this only applies to space opera couples, but it’s still a highly successful habit that could benefit the rest as well. Spacers consume a fair amount of reconstituted meals, ration bars, food dispenser concoctions, and, of course, coffee.

Shipboard food certainly isn’t the most luxurious type of cuisine, but successful couples understand its value. They discuss important mission strategy over these shared meals. They nurture each other with the basic food groups. And while the food may be bland, it’s nutritious. Breakfast of champions and all that.

Want to meet some diehard space foodies? Read Thief by Anitra Lynn McLeod.

2) They always make time for hot sex.

If you’ve ever traveled by starship or airship, you know how long it can take to journey across a solar system or galaxy. Sci-fi romance couples take advantage of that down time to resolve a little (or a lot) of the sexual tension that’s been building between them. Once sated by carnal pleasures, they’re often closer emotionally and aren’t distracted when it’s time to overcome the villain.

To see this habit in action, read Collision Course by Zoë Archer.

3) They’re open-minded.

Interspecies romance is very common in this subgenre. Frequently one half of the couple is an alien (or both of them are depending on the point of view at any given moment!). Progressive attitudes among science fiction romance heroes and heroines is essential because having an open mind helps them recognize their soul mate. This is especially important when the soul mate in question has blue skin or unique alien appendages.

Biological differences can also make the sex that much hotter. And kinkier.

Interested in couples with an alien twist? Read Jessica E. Subject’s An Unexpected Return (blue skin!), Keir by Pippa Jay (more blue skin!) and Gini Koch’s Touched By An Alien (no blue skin, but lots of sizzling love scenes!).

4) They maintain friends in high (and low) places.

Heroes and heroines in sci-fi romance have networks of helpful contacts because they understand the importance of a strong support system. Sometimes the connection is in the form of political allies who can make the mission go easier with a single command.

But sci-fi romance couples never underestimate the advantage of underground accomplices such as mercenaries or computer hackers. These connections come in handy when the couple needs a place to hide out (sometimes for nookie!) or access to resources like weapons or information that will help them overcome the villain.

For stories with handy sidekicks, check out Hunting Kat by P.J. Schnyder and Rebel Souls by D.L. Jackson.

5) They’re good with weapons.

Science fiction romance often means lots of adventures, space battles, and hand-to-hand combat. Therefore, the heroes and heroines are usually well versed in the art of weaponry. And if not, they’re pretty fast learners! Sometimes they learn from each other, a process that can serve double duty for flirting and mental lusting.

Plus, there’s nothing more exciting than a hero and heroine blasting away at the baddies—together.

Get your high-octane fix with Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair and Night of Fire by Nico Rosso.

So there you have it—five essential habits that successful sci-fi romance couples use to nurture their bond while battling all kinds of dangerous odds. Now that’s what I call good role modeling!

- Heather Massey

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