5 Questions About Evanovich's One For The Money Movie Poster Featuring Katherine Heigl

I have several questions about the newly released movie poster for the film adaptation of Janet Evanovich's book One For the Money starring Katherine Heigl, but before I pick your brains, let's get a good look at the artwork:  

Nice, right? A pretty girl, colorful background and handcuffs. The poster does an admirable job of reeling us in. But there are some niggling thoughts that I hope die-hard Evanovich fans can help me with. 

1) Does anyone else think that Katherine Heigl is perhaps a tad too young to be playing Stephanie Plum? I always imagined Stephanie a bit older and a bit more ... life weary. It doesn't look like Heigl has spent anytime at all in Plum's stomping grounds of New Jersey. But the leather jacket and the tall boots — those are Stephanie all the way!

2) Did everyone catch the insider-y joke the tag line makes? "She's looking for a few not-so-good men." Okay, I know that in the story Stephanie becomes a bail bondswoman and the line can refer to that. But I still think this is a subtle reminder of the love triangle between her, Morelli and Ranger. 

3) Who else thinks it is a TERRIFIC idea that Janet Evanovich got her name on the poster? It may be small and on the bottom half of the poster, but nonetheless, how many times do you see the book author's name on a film's marketing materials? Not very often. And personally, I believe the Evanovich is this movie's biggest draw.

4) I'm not going to lie, I'm a little sad that Joe Morelli did not make it onto the poster. Come on, he is being played by Jason O'Mara. Not a peek? Not even a glimpse? Boo!

5) Who wants to play hooky from work with me and line up outside a theater early on January 27th to catch the first showing of this film? Any takers? I'll bring the popcorn.