5 Questions With Author Kami Garcia About Her Upcoming Hollywood Projects!

Kami Garcia is the co-author of one of my favorite new YA series, The Caster Chronicles. She and Margaret Stohl are wrapping up their series with Beautiful Chaos this October, have just released a Caster Chronicles novella, "Dark Dream", and their series — which is now being called the Beautiful Creatures books — is being turned into a movie. However, I just heard that Beautiful Creatures is not the only Hollywood project that Kami has in the works. Her new solo series, Legion, has just been picked up by Twilight series producer Mark Morgan.

Making this news even more interesting is the fact that the Legion series first, Unbreakable, hasn't even hit stores yet. All anyone knows right now is that the series features a teen that learns her recently deceased mother was part of an organization working to keep a demon from wreaking havoc on the world. The news just broke about the upcoming Unbreakable movie, which has the same name as the series starter, so I (with much glee) shot off an email to Kami to see what kind of details she could provide.

You've got two projects in the works with Hollywood right now — what’s an aspect of (or moment from) these series that you can't wait to see on the big screen?

In Beautiful Creatures, there’s a scene where Ethan finds Lena one night in the rain. It’s incredibly visual (and romantic). I would love to see that one on screen. I can’t say much about Unbreakable at this point, but there is a scene between Kennedy and Jared that involves a tight space — and a lot of heat. There is also something unique about Jared and Lukas in Unbreakable, and it will be interesting to see how that translates on screen.

If you were put in charge of casting for the movies, who would you tap to star in the Beautiful Creatures project? What about in Unbreakable?

When readers of Beautiful Creatures send us fan art, it usually features Emily Browning or Lucy Hale as Lena, and Logan Lerman as Ethan, all of whom I love. But Beautiful Creatures is in good hands, so I’m not worried. And I can’t actually comment on actresses for Unbreakable, as we are currently in discussions with our top choices.

Unbreakable hasn't hit stores yet, but if you had to describe the adventure in a single tweet — what would it be?

Demons, secret societies, paranormal forces & romance meet in this urban fantasy.

What is one aspect of working with Mark Morgan, the producer of the Twilight saga movies, that has you really excited?

Mark is incredibly creative and talented, and he understood the tone of the novel and the characters immediately. It didn’t hurt that his favorite scene is mine as well. We have a shared vision for the film adaptation of Unbreakable, which is key because as an active producer on the film, I have to collaborate with Mark on major decisions, like selecting the screenwriter, director, and cast.

Readers have been devouring the Beautiful Creatures books, myself included — and are anxiously awaiting the third full-length installment. What's one detail of the story that our readers can look for?

Beautiful Chaos explores the consequences of the events set in motion in Beautiful Darkness, as well as the relationships between the characters. Readers will also get to see more of the Caster universe. You’ll have to wait until October 18th to find out more.

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