5 Questions For The Human Target

Christopher Chance, aka the Human Target, first appeared in comic books in 1972. An assassin turned bodyguard, Chance puts himself into dangerous situations to protect the real target. Last year Fox debuted the Human Target television show staring Fringe regular Mark Valley. This week I caught up with Mark to ask him what it is like to play a comic book hero.


How is the Human Target TV show different from the comic book?

In the comic book Chance insinuated himself into peoples lives. He would impersonate the target, but instead of taking over their lives, I just get close to the target by acting like someone that could be in their lives - a coworker, translator or driver. I’m really glad I don’t have to do the whole impersonation thing with masks and makeup. 

What is your favorite part of the role?

Well, Chance is not a very good actor and I’m having fun with that – he can’t move into the character he is playing with much facility. That and on Fringe I spent a lot of time in a coma so walking around and talking to people is exciting and I just love action. It appeals to the kid in me.

Ah, yes the show has many, many action scenes. What is it like to constantly be in the middle of fistfights, gun battles and explosions? 

Its kind of like Dancing With the Stars, but you don’t get kicked off. An elbow here and a kick there. Everything is very well choreographed so you pick it up. I still have a stunt double, but it is a lot easier for me this year. 

What’s it like to have a stunt double? 

It’s a little humbling. He is taller than me. More muscular and better looking.

But you still get all the women on the show, right? 

Not so far. My character doesn’t have a lot of time for women. If I were looking for love, I would probably have to speed date.


The second season of Human Target premieres tonight on FOX.