Adventure Abounds In This Month's Harlequin Historical Romances

This month Harlequin Historicals brings readers stories full of adventure, from secrets in Brussels to assassination attempts in England. The bonds of these six historical couples are tested by mystery and misunderstandings as everyone wonders if they will get their happiliy ever after ...


The Secret Life of a Scandalous Debutante
By Bronwyn Scott

Miss Lilya Stefanov is the protector of an ancient pink diamond that is thought to bring wealth and power to whoever owns it. But when Lilya and her diamond become the target of a dangerous secret society, will Beldon Stratton be able to protect his childhood friend?

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Valiant Soldier, Beautiful Enemy
By Diane Gaston

Captain Gabriel Deane saved Emmaline Mableau from an attempted rape during the Battle of Badajoz. Years later the pair is reunited in Brussels but forced apart by deception. But when Emmaline's son puts himself in danger, she goes to England to beg for aid from the only man who could possibly help them — and risks losing her heart to Gabriel once again.

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Vicar's Daughter to Viscount's Lady
By Louise Allen

When Arabella is left ruined and pregnant by the rake Rafe who then dies without making an honest woman out of her, she throws herself on his brother's mercy. Elliot quickly takes responsibility for the baby and his mother. But when feelings begin to develop between Elliot and Arabella, misunderstandings threaten to destroy this new family.

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Gold Rush Groom
By Jenna Kernan

Frontierswoman Lily Shanahan wants to take part in the gold rush but knows she needs an able-bodied partner by her side. Although Jack Snow seems to be a useless fop, he quickly becomes an integral part of Lily's operation. But as sparks fly between this unlikely pair it seems that a permanent union must be out of the question because marriage to each other would ruin their individual goals — or would it?

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The Dangerous Lord Darrington
By Sarah Mallory

Guy Wylder, the earl of Darrington, is haunted by his ex-fiancée’s crimes of intrigue. But now that the earl has met a new match, the widow Elizabeth Forrester, will he be able to come clean about what really marred his reputation all those years ago? And can he ever learn to love again?

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The Mistress of Hanover Square
By Anne Herries

Who is threatening the union of Amelia Roystan and Gerard Ravenshead? This star-cross couple's marriage has been years in the making but mysterious forces are threatening the nuptials — and the lives — of these two reunited lovers.

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Will these new couples be torn apart by the forces that surround them, or can they turn their tenuous relationships into true romance? You can find out by picking up your own copies of these tales now!