All Aboard The Traveling Tessa Dare Blog Tour — With Giveaway!

Historical romance author Tessa Dare returns to Spindle Cove for her new release the Top Pick! rated A Week to be Wicked. The story introduces readers to a pair of very unlikely partners: bluestocking Minerva Highwood and local ne’er-do-well Colin Sandhurst, Lord Payne. For several reasons, spinster Minerva suggests that Colin accompany her on a highly unusual trip to Scotland. There, she is sure she will win a prestigious competition at a science symposium. Minerva is willing to pay the destitute lord for his trouble, which will make the trip worth his while. But as this pair slowly goes from reluctant traveling companions to something much more difficult to label, will they be able to make it to Scotland in time?

Dare delivers another original Regency romp, this tale about traveling companions is full of high jinks, laugh-out-loud moments and a surprisingly tender love story. This couple will capture your heart as they attempt to make it to the symposium despite being derailed by several factors including kidnappers, a lecherous host and a gang of angry townsfolk. Dare’s skill shines as she brings readers a hero who they will not soon forget in the playful, but emotionally scarred, Colin. However, it is heroine Minerva who truly steals the story with her determination to protect her sisters, present her scientific findings and follow her passion, no matter the cost.

Miranda is a scientist and therefore knows the importance of recording her every move and finding. So here is an exclusive entry from the heroine’s journal:

From the Journal of Minerva Highwood:

Afternoon. Lost. Stranded. Uncomfortably close to penniless. Hungry. Parched. Fatigued.


Only one of my three trunks is left. Reticule gone.

An inventory of what remains to us, after Payne Pain’s ill-considered heroics cost us the bulk of our belongings and funds.

  • One sovereign, sewn into my undergarments
  • One plaster cast of an antediluvian footprint, christened “Francine.”
  • The several rolls of undergarments that make up my trousseau. A trousseau which, after this disastrous and ruinous journey, will surely never fulfill its intended use. At least all those embroidered chemises and bedsheets have kept Francine protected.

So far.

Oh, that man! I just made the mistake of opining aloud that I’m so famished, I wish these chemises and stockings were edible. I will not taint the pages of this journal with my traveling companion’s crude response.

And now I must find something else to scribble until I stop blushing. Curse him.

Can’t wait to get more? A Week To Be Wicked hits shelves today. And to get you in the mood for the tale, we are giving away a luxurious travel pack which includes a black canvas tote bag filled with a travel journal, deluxe sheepskin travel pillow, leather passport case, silver plated luggage tag, and a travel candle.

You can learn more about the prize here. And after you enter to win, be sure to check out at 5:00pm EST for the next stop on the Traveling Tessa Dare Tour!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: One lucky reader will win the travel pack (pictured above) to enter, answer the following question in the comments below. Colin and Minerva must travel light, but they must keep Minerva’s important scientific discovery with them at all times, no matter how unwieldy it is! Are you a minimalist traveler, or are you the type to bring an outfit for every possible scenario? Tell us what’s in your luggage in the comments below! The winner will be announced at 5:00 pm (EST). U.S. mailing addresses only, please.

BLOG UPDATE 3/26/2012: The winner is carol aloisi! Thanks to everyone who entered.