All I Know About Being a Romance Heroine I Learned from Powder Puff Football

In Then He Kissed Me, by Christie Ridgway, heroine Stephania (Stevie) Baci is the middle of three sisters and the tomboy of the family. On New Year’s Eve Stevie discovers it’s up to her to usher through the nuptials of her ex-boyfriend and his fiancée, scheduled to take place at her family’s winery at the end of the month. Below check out the author's special message about how Stevie copes with her problematic ex and how she puts her tomboy skills to good use when a new man enters into her life.

Stevie knows about powder puff football and poker games, not veils and wedding vows! And her ex kinda sorta broke her heart, not that she wants anyone to know about that. So she can’t refuse, nor can she get away from the bride’s older brother, a half-American, half-European playboy prince who can say “you’re beautiful” in five languages—and seduce her in two seconds flat. Stevie will have to rely on her experience on the playing field to figure out how to make it through her story… Below are Stevie’s Rules for surviving the man intent on winning her love.

1. No pre-game practice prepares you for the day of the Big Game. Because when it comes to this opponent (him, of course), it’s not like any competition that’s come before.

2. Don’t discount the strength of a well-fitting uniform. It can bolster your confidence—not to mention how your tight end can distract your opponent.

3. Your defensive line (your girlfriends) say they have your back, but don’t count on it—some of them are just wiggling their behinds for their special guy in the stands.

4. Half-time is the turning point! If you relax instead of refocus, you might make a turnover on the very next play.

5. When he’s getting too close, rely on instinct and run, run, run!

6. Still, If you do get sacked…remember there’s no actual rule against enjoying it.

7. Even if he manages a touchdown, don’t give up the extra point. An “I love you” will require more than crossing into the end zone.

8. Don’t keep one eye on the scoreboard. You know he’s doing that—so focus your attention on the goal of protecting your heart!

- Christie Ridgway

Learn how Stevie fares with her handsome prince, Jack Parini, in Then He Kissed Me, the second in Christie’s Three Kisses trilogy set in the Napa Valley of California. And visit the author's website for an excerpt of this new contemporary romance.