Allyson James (aka Jennifer Ashley) discusses her stormwalker series and the Native American legend who ties it together. And don't miss the GIVEAWAY after her message!

Thanks for inviting me to the RT blog, and thanks readers for the great response so far to Stormwalker!

 ... I am Coyote. I run on the wind; I invade your dreams. I know your darkest secrets, your most depraved desires. I know what you crave deep in the night.

... I am Coyote. I am Chaos.

... Enjoy your dreams.

I started my novella in Hot for the Holidays with that little tidbit, the introduction to the character of Coyote. He played a pivotal role in the novella and carries over to the books in my new series, [the first of which is May's] Stormwalker.

In Native American legend, Coyote is a trickster god—he’s sometimes perceived as evil, sometimes good (or at least his actions can lead to good), and the stories about him are often funny and dirty.

My version of Coyote is more good than evil—in human form he’s over six feet tall, muscular, black-haired, and dark-eyed, and likes to wear jeans and cowboy boots. He’s got a cocky grin and loves wicked sex, but my heroine, Janet, isn’t sure she can trust him. She’s not even sure where he goes and what he does when he’s not with them.

I don’t really know either ... but I can guess. Coyote likes to hang out in bars, especially the biker bar at the Crossroads, across from Janet’s little hotel. You can find him there most nights, drinking and playing pool, chasing any lady that happens to come in.

Coyote likes to travel, and he can in the blink of an eye, either in his human or coyote form. He doesn’t mind twosomes, or threesomes, or more-somes, as long as at least one woman is involved. He doesn’t mind saving the world once in a while, but he’s more into having a good time (and good sex)—when he’s not prying into people’s lives and getting himself into trouble.

Readers are liking Coyote, and he’ll be back in the forthcoming books — along with Mick and Janet and the bi-sexual magic mirror (I swing both ways, honey. I’m an equal opportunity mirror).

In the next book, Firewalker, you’ll find out much more about Mick and his background, and meet new characters—wild, fire-breathing dragons among them.

Thanks for coming along with the ride, and I hope you enjoy it!

- Allyson James

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