Amazon To Launch Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Imprint 47North

Amazon has just announced that they will soon launch 47North, their own science fiction, fantasy and horror imprint. The line, which is named for Seattle’s latitude, joins the company’s other imprints AmazonEncore, Amazon Crossing, Thomas & Mercer and Montlake Romance. 47North will deliver new books and series that will be simultaneously released in traditional print, e-book and audio formats. 47North will also be bringing back books that are out-of-print or have been previously printed.  

47North has been carefully curated to include an equal helping of tales, which may seem outrageous but have their basis in reality, science fiction as well as fantasy novels. It will also have stories that may not fit easily into either one of these groups, and so the team at Amazon also decided to fold horror stories into 47North. The result is that this line will be where readers can find all different sub-genres from urban fantasy to gothic tales, alternate histories and beyond.

The imprint will debut with fifteen titles that will be published during 2011 and 2012. These include several new co-written series. One of these works is Foreworld, from the minds of Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo and several debut authors. It follows the growth of Western martial arts. East will clash with West as Genghis Kahn advances on Europe and only a small group of warriors stand to protect the region. The first novel in the series The Mongoliad: Book One will be available April 24, 2012. Another such project is Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin’s The Dead Man series that features Matthew Cahill as he struggles with his recently developed “second sight” which allows him to see into the netherworld. The series starter, Face of Evil, is going to be a digital-first that will be out this month, and then four more titles will follow in the series afterwards.

But groups of authors aren’t the only ones that 47North is interested in acquiring stories from. Among the single-author projects that are coming from the company are works by Chris Roberson and Dave Duncan, among others. The imprint will also be publishing Stephen Leather’s Nightingale series, which has already been contracted for at least three books. His series first Nightfall will be available in March 2012. Additionally, fan-favorite author B.V. Larson will be continuing his urban fantasy series Unspeakable Things with two more installments published by 47North. Technomancer will be available in June 2012. Readers can also expect to get their hands on re-prints of Arwen Elys Dayton’s Resurrection and Evan Currie’s Into the Black: Odyssey One — 47North will be republishing those next January and March, respectively.

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