Amazon's CreateSpace Books To Get European Distribution

CreateSpace has great news for authors and readers: Their distribution capabilities have just increased. The print-on-demand arm of Amazon will now sell books published through CreateSpace across several European countries. Amazon’s sites in Spain, Italy, Germany, France and the UK will carry these books, which previously were only available in the United States.

Authors that publish through CreateSpace will reap the benefits of being available to millions of new readers. Furthermore, Amazon will arrange for European distribution at absolutely no cost to the author. But these are just two of the many perks that are part of CreateSpace’s expanded distribution. In a press release announcing their policy change, the company also touted several other pluses. Authors who publish directly with Amazon using CreateSpace will get “industry-leading royalties on each sale while continuing to own the rights and have creative control” over the works. Additionally, CreateSpace books will always be in stock for customers to purchase, as Amazon won’t have to rely on publishers to act as the middleman between the author and the distribution warehouse. And now these books will always be Amazon Prime purchases, eligible for free shipping and ready to be shipped out on the same day that the order is placed.

It is interesting to note that the company is being very clear that CreateSpace is a print-on-demand service. It is not to be confused with their independent self-publishing platform, KDP. RT’s Morgan says, “With the introduction of digital books and e-reading devices, many readers may not recognize the difference between self-published and traditionally published books. And with CreateSpace allowing for foreign distribution of print titles, the lines between publishing houses and independent authors are blurring further.”

So the question becomes, is this expansion of distribution a good thing for readers? We believe that the answer is a qualified yes. It is always great when the pool of books that a reader can browse and buy expands. And, as with any works, whether they are self-published, print-on-demand or released by a traditional publishing house, as long as the quality of storytelling stays high, well, we’d never say no to more books!

Amazon officials certainly see the benefits of the new CreateSpace distribution policy for both authors and readers. CreateSpace managing director Libby Johnson McKee says that the program is just another example of the Internet retailer’s commitment to book lovers. "We are continually working to deliver exceptional value and world-class customer service to our CreateSpace members worldwide, and European distribution is yet another great example of our commitment to helping our authors succeed."

Needless to say, we will be watching what develops. We are interested to see if authors do benefit from this new, wider market with the high sales figures Amazon’s leaders are projecting. And we are looking forward to getting feedback from our European readers about the books that they can now purchase!

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