Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner's 5 Need-To-Know Tips for Surviving on a Spaceship

Traveling on a spaceship can be fraught with many dangers, whether you’re headed for a black hole or under attack from intergalactic space pirates. Luckily for you, Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner have done the research for you and put it all into their RT Top Pick! rated These Broken Stars. And today, they’ve laid out their top tips in handy-dandy list form. Print it out and stick it in your purse next to your towel, that way next time you’re flying to Alpha Centauri, you'll be prepared!


5. Always read the safety card instructions. In the event that your ship malfunctions (or gets torn out of inter-dimensional space) it’s handy to know exactly what escape pod you’re meant to be in. Particularly in ships with more than a few thousand passengers, the ensuing panic following an “Abandon Ship” order is often worse than the crash itself!

4. Never take the ship’s facilities for granted. Whether you’re playing basketball in the cargo bay of Serenity or strolling through a holographic garden onboard the Icarus, it’s important to stay active physically and mentally. Space is lonely, and you’re going to want to have some fun or you’ll just go a bit batty.

3. Know where the emergency supplies are. If life support fails and you can’t find your way to the galley, you’re going to get pretty hungry — and pretty cold — pretty fast. Always know where you can grab a few ration bars, a flashlight, a blanket and, if possible, an oxygen tank or two. And it never hurts to have a good book to read while you wait ... space is pretty big, and it might take a few thousand years for someone to find you.

2. Never say “this ship is unsinkable.” Or any variation thereof. Just don’t. If history has taught us anything, it’s that whatever is watching, be it fate, the gods or the divine background static of the cosmos — it doesn’t like to be challenged. So just keep your overconfident pronouncements to yourself, please.

1. Play nicely with your shipmates. Space travel can take a long time. Even if you’re lucky enough to possess a hyperspace engine, flying across the galaxy can take weeks, if not months, and you’re going to be stuck with your fellow passengers for quite awhile. And consider the worst case scenario: if your ship goes down, and that boy you dissed the other night is the only other survivor, you’re going to have to end up eating your words. And nobody likes that!

Make sure to write these tips down — you won't want to find yourself floundering on a spaceship! These Broken Stars is available now, so be sure to pick up a copy today! And for more YA sci-fi buzz, head on over to our Everything Young Adult Page!