Amy Lignor On Her YA Debut Until Next Time

New author Amy Lignor's YA debut, Until Next Time, kicks off her Angel Chronicles series. The story follows angel pair Matt and Emily as they go to earth in order to protect humans. Inhabiting the bodies of their assigned mortals, this supernatural team experiences an array of human emotions that threatens to complicate both their jobs and their relationship. Today the author reveals more about Matt and Emily and their heavenly adventures. 

To me, angels were always unlike the other mystical and/or paranormal characters that seem to be all the rage, simply because this is one particular entity where a writer has to walk a very fine line. Some will say angels are automatically religious or inspirational, whereas others will want to see only the ‘fallen’ and their trials and tribulations.

When the angel/warrior team of Matthew and Emily came to me I was only thirteen (seeing as that I’m forty-two now, I would say the duo really had time to sink in).

I had first ‘seen’ Matthew after my own beloved grandfather had died, and I was so unbelievably upset that my faith was pretty much out the window. Matt was the ‘muse’ I saw sitting in a very amazing library in one of my dreams who talked to me about my grandfather. He was a boy who wanted with all his heart to come down here and experience ‘life.’ Seeing as that he was training to be a warrior, he wanted to protect, defend and serve — much like our own fighting men do today — but he also wanted the chance to just be human and experience everything we’re given on a daily basis.

Emily, on the other hand, is the angel side of this team and she’s completely different. In fact, she has a great deal of faith in her existence, but after seeing the pain and heartache down here, she has very little faith in human beings. She looks at her trips as ‘the job,’ and nothing more.

Having Matt and Emily work side-by-side not only offered them a chance at romance, friendship, partnership and gave them a person to talk to who was their complete opposite when it came to emotions, but it also gave me a chance to write an enigmatic, memorable pair without giving them the weight of being shunned, thrown out of the gates, etcetera.

Matt and Emily are very interesting to explore because, of course, when they’re down here they have free will — just like the rest of us. Which means they can get into just as much trouble, or find themselves in harrowing experiences all the time. Even though they have power in their souls, the ‘shells’ that they inhabit can be broken or twisted by the world and by the people around them, causing them to have to be saved by each other.

Being able to take a normally ‘only inspirational pair’ and provide them with lives above and below, was extremely exciting. They never preach. In fact, just like every other teenager in the world, they’re learning as they go. And whether that be learning about fame, wealth, power, people’s hatred, greed, romance, or passion — they still have to find each other, maintain their faith, and try to save the souls that need saving before it’s too late. With them…it’s all in a day’s work!

- Amy Lignor

You can download a copy of Until Next Time, available through Amazon now. For more YA reads visit our Everything Young Adult Page.