Angela Claire's Con Artist Heroine Tells Us About Her Seductive Intent

In Angela Claire's recent release Seductive Intent, con artist Sophia is used to using men to get what she wants. And although that's what brings her into Brendan Beckett's arms, she decides she wants more from him. A guy with a great body is one thing, but we wanted to know what is it about Brendan that sparks Sophia's interest, causing her to see him as more than just a mark. We asked the heroine to explain Brendan's special appeal, and this is what Sophia had to say: 

Brendan has a great voice. No really. He can sing Van Morrison’s Moon Dance like a rock star. And he writes the most beautiful poetry. Nobody knew that. Not his sisters. Not his long string of babes. Not even me — until I stole his diary. But reading his poetry wasn’t the first time I realized there was something special about Brendan Beckett. No, the first time was before that, when I met him, but he didn’t meet me. Not the real me. I was dressed as an overweight maid — care of what my partner and mentor Arthur indelicately called a fat suit — who spoke only Spanish. I snuck into Brendan’s empty hotel room, ostensibly cleaning it but really nosing around to see what would turn up. When he and a woman came in, I hid in the closet and saw through the slats for myself that his playboy reputation was well earned. That didn’t particularly surprise me. The fact I was wishing I was the one under Brendan Beckett, of course, did.

But later when Brendan doubled back to the room and encountered me as the maid, he surprised me even more. He spoke to me — a “nobody” cleaning his hotel room — like I was a human being. In Spanish no less. None of the usual condescending rhetoric rich people put out there in dealing with “the help”, but friendly good manners. Courtesy. When another obnoxious guest insulted me — well, not me, but the distinctly un-hot maid I was playing — Brendan came to my rescue as swiftly and decisively as if I’d been the most important person in the world. As important as he was or that guest or anybody else. Frankly, it was intoxicating. And confusing.

That’s when I began to suspect Brendan was more than the playboy he was playing.

Of course when I met him the next time, as me, in a low cut dress and spiked heels, he treated me pretty well too, but I expected that.  He whisked me away to his love nest in the Caribbean, making me feel so special, I almost believed it … right up until the point that he discovered I wasn’t. That I was just a con artist scamming him. And then he didn’t know what to believe. Unfortunately, at that point, neither did I.

Was I conning him or was I conning myself?

After that, even though Brendan could have been carting me off to jail for all I knew, I got on his yacht with him. Because I wanted to be with him. As simple as that. Turns out he had just been planning to drink himself into oblivion. But in the course of it, he discovered, we both discovered, that he wanted to be with me too, con past and all.

Of course, we had a few rough spots after that, kidnapping and what not … but no need to get into that here. All I’ll say is he was pretty cool under fire for a rich guy.

So, the question of what made Brendan Beckett more than my usual con? Well, I guess the answer was he did.

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