Anna Banks Dishes on #SyrenaWorldProblems

The cover of Of Neptune by Anna Banks

Everybody has problems, some more than others, and teens today have taken up the term "First World Problems" to describe the more eye-roll inducing, less complicated issues they face. But if you think you have it bad, try being a Syrena! With Of Neptunethe third and final book in Anna Banks's Syrena Legacy trilogy, hitting shelves today, we thought we'd check in with Anna and see what #SyrenaWorldProblems we mere humans luckily don't have to worry about. Take a look:

Trying to figure out if it's seaweed or a bugger...#SyrenaWorldProblems

Galen: “Stop calling me a mer-man. Seriously.” #SyrenaWorldProblems

Whoever said sea salt is good for the skin doesn’t live in the ocean. #SyrenaWorldProblems

Victoria's Secret doesn't carry my shell size. #SyrenaWorldProblems

Waterproof mascara is not, in fact, waterproof. #SyrenaWorldProblems

Humans will steal your swimming shorts no matter where you hide them. #SyrenaWorldProblems

You can only move Amelia Earhart's plane so many times before it gets boring. #SyrenaWorldProblems

Go ahead. Try to conceal your fart. #bubbles #SyrenaWorldProblems

Food coloring in Toraf's sleeping chamber=entertainment. #SyrenaWorldProblems

Nude beaches are a safe, creepy alternative to coming ashore in a pinch. #SyrenaWorldProblems

Crabs the size of your torso. That is all. #SyrenaWorldProblems

Everyone expects you to sing ‘Under the Sea’ at karaoke. #SyrenaWorldProblems

Shark Week is every week. #SyrenaWorldProblems

If I have to explain what a pescatarian is ONE MORE TIME…#SyrenaWorldProblems

Of Neptune is available today, so be sure to swim to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy! And for more YA books and buzz, make sure to visit our Everything YA page!