Anna Campbell Discusses Her Reckless Surrender


Author Anna Campbell has a saucy proposition ...

I’m delighted to be here at the RT Blog! Really, I mean delighted (yeah, I’m still glowing from that Top Pick review for My Reckless Surrender in the June edition. Who wouldn’t be?).  

My Reckless Surrender was released on May 25th from Avon. It’s the story of a dangerous seduction in late Regency London.  


Diana Carrick has the chance to make all her dreams come true but first she has to seduce notorious rake Tarquin Vale, Earl of Ashcroft. Against his better judgment, Tarquin accepts the mysterious lady’s brazen proposition of an affair to while away a few summer weeks. Very quickly Diana and Tarquin find themselves swimming in increasingly stormy emotional waters (can one have emotional waters? Oh, come with me on this! Mixed metaphors are the new black!).  

You can read an excerpt and the blurb on my website.

Especially for RT blog visitors, I’d love to share another exclusive excerpt from further along in the story. This comes from one of my favorite scenes in the book. Diana and Tarquin have made love for the first time and both are reeling from the unwelcome profundity of the experience. Several days later they accidentally encounter one another in the British Museum.  

It was fun maneuvering my characters around a mummified pharaoh or two as they try to come to terms with a passion that is very much alive!  

“You waited,” Ashcroft said softly, striding toward her and stopping a few paces away.



The words they spoke belonged to a different world from the silent communication flowing between them. Diana resisted the overpowering urge to step forward and fold her arms around him, rest her head on his shoulder.

It seemed beyond belief that their sexual encounters, however torrid, created this intensity. It was like her heart beat at his command. Her head swam and she forced air into her lungs.

Still the silent conversation continued, incessant as waves against the seashore.

I want you.

Touch me.

Take me to your bed.

Never let me go.

She gasped in distress and faltered back as if she’d spoken the last words aloud.

What was wrong with her? She used Ashcroft for her own ends. She lied and cheated and treated him little better than a stud bull. Nothing existed between them except sex.

Although that wasn’t how it felt right now.

If she was honest, that wasn’t how it had felt when he held her in his arms through a long, hot afternoon either.  

Do you have a favorite scene in a romance novel that takes place in an unusual location? I’m  sure we can get much wilder than the British Museum!

- Anna Campbell