April Gold Round Up o' Awesomeness

This month's issue of RT includes a phenomenon as rare as a quadruple rainbow — which we're not entirely sure is a thing — four Top Pick! GOLD reviews. We want to make sure you know all about their unrivaled awesomeness, so let's take a closer look at each pick!




The Other Story by Tatiana de RosnayFrom the author of Sarah's Key comes the mainstream fiction tale of Nicholas Kolt, a mega celebrity author, and the subsequent movie adaptation of his hit novel. Now that he's a hot shot, Nicholas is on holiday at a remote Tuscan resort, trying to pen that ever important second novel. But his past — the basis of that blockbuster first book — is lingering and threatening to ruin his fancy lifestyle. If that plot doesn't sell you on giving this one a try, RT reviewer Sarah says "this gorgeously penned novel ... borders on black comedy about the vanity and the publishing industry." Sounds like a winner to us! 

Wolf by Mo Hayder — If you're in the mood for a mystery — we almost always are — this grisly and gritty tale of a family held hostage might fit the bill. The story: a vagrant, the Walking Man, finds an injured dog with a note saying "help me" tucked in his collar. He manipulates detective Jack Caffrey into helping by promising info on Caffrey's long-missing brother. An old double murder case comes to light — is everything connected? We're pretty sure we're going to have to find out. 

The Assassin's Heart by J.A. Kazimer — All you romantic suspense fans out there, this ones for you! There's a professional CIA assassin — that's the heroine, folks — who becomes a target when she kills the wrong man. On the run with a new identity, her old partner Ben tracks her down as he awaits orders — which may well be to take her out. BRB we have to read this one ASAP.

Dawn's Early Light by Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris — Don't worry, urban fantasy lovers, there's a title here for you in this pile of awesomeness as well. This third entry in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences follows agents Books and Braun to America to investigate the peculiar disappearance of ships. Soon a potential culprit arises — Thomas Edison!

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