Ask YA Author Lauren Oliver Your Questions In Tonight's Livestream Chat E-vent!

It's a pretty poorly kept secret around RT BOOK REVIEWS that one of my favorite new names in YA is Lauren Oliver. I was impressed with the way that Lauren Oliver uses detail to reinforce the chilling realities in both her debut, Before I Fall, and this month's Delirium, two RT Top Picks!. After I finished each book, the premises remained on my mind for weeks.

So I jumped at the chance to talk to the author about the world of Delirium in this look at two dystopias that deal with teen love. One of my favorite things that Oliver said was about what surprised her the most about her dystopian world. She said it was, " ... how much damage can be inflicted by people who pretend to want the best for you. Nothing is more dangerous than someone who feels morally superior, because he/she will also never feel guilty." 

But if I didn't ask the author the question that has been keeping you up at night, don't worry! Tonight you will have a chance to ask Lauren Oliver all of your questions about Delirium. (And of course, get answers about Before I Fall.) Lauren Oliver will be available to chat via Livestream Chat.

From 7 pm- 10 pm (EST) she will be spending time with fans around the world in a special e-vent. To participate, all you have to do is click here. Oliver will answer questions about her books, her writing process and more. So mark your calendar, set an alert on your cell phone, and make sure you don't miss this opportunity to get your questions answered by Lauren Oliver.

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